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Talk about RDJ

Asche from NY, USA on 2001-07-21 06:48 [#00016923]

Hey I been checking out this site for a while, it's awesome,
first time post. Just wondering it's hard to find people who
like let along know about RDJ so if anyone wants to chat my
screen name is: AscheXL, e-mail: I end this
with a question, does he ever come to the USA?


D-Hex from KC Missouri on 2001-07-21 07:08 [#00016925]

If you are talking about idm artists then yes, Squarepusher
and Plaid are currently touring.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-21 08:37 [#00016936]

many good acts come to america or canada. you just have to
check regularly, AFX has done some stuff over here. but
usually doesnt or wont, cause its too out of the way i


Thiefofalways from Germany on 2001-07-21 12:57 [#00016950]

Well, I live in Germany right now and I travel back to the
states about 1 or 2 times a year, and Ive noticed every time
I come back more and more of his music is either coming out
on US counter-part labels or on import, so maybe its just a
matter of people knowing his music. I certainly hope he
comes over to the states more often, im going home in 6
weeks for a year or 2, but it would really suck arse if he
ended up being too popular over there, America can really
ruin a good thing..But it would be wicked to have Aphex Twin
in Providence.


PostModernVancouver from Vancouver,Canada on 2001-07-21 13:28 [#00016956]

Dont be too surprised when he comes to Canada and the US to
Tour after his album is released.
If he doesnt, I'll be really surprised..
He's already starting off with a UK live Tour...
And Reflex, if he comes to Vancouver You Will come
(Only reason I'm saying that is because of Edmonton not
being too much of a stopover for IDM artists, sadly
He Toured North-America 4 years ago, and got too see him
Live here in Vancouver and it was brilliant!!!


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-21 22:58 [#00017007]

postmodernvan: dude.. if I find out hes going to Vancouver!
IM TOTALLY GOING!!!! Ill drive there stay in a hotel and go
see the show! Theres no way im missing that.



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