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my hands are made of cake!

hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-20 22:35 [#00016896]

i was just shot at by a canary for shouting into it's
tupperware. i placed it's beak into a passage of moby dick
and met roy rogers wife being portrayed as seahorse for the
day. has this happened to anyone else? i hope not, seeing
that i just made it up, which is something my miniature
popes can not do. however, they can turn into 23 cans of
minced chicken. unfortunately, a fat johnny carson with a
can opener found them as they turned into the 23 cans of
minced chicken and promptly ate him while singing the
national anthem of chicken shit to a very angry hornet
sporting high heels. i believe the hornet was angry because
it is a "he" and not a "she", but people were easily
mistaken seeing that "he" is wearing womens items and often
found at LPGA events, and therefor a piece of lambchop that
was purchased by ed harris's calculator from some blind
geese tried to court the angry cross dressing hornet. i much
prefer wasps.


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