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can anyone tell me where to download a good free FTP program?

evolume from seattle washington usa... the land of the capitolist pig-dogs on 2001-07-20 19:36 [#00016874]

well, can ya?


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-20 21:06 [#00016886]

Where? Many places, depends what you want. try

WS FTP Free for 30 days, small so you can just get
again, no problem

There are others for free.. I knew of one.. if i remember
ill let you know.

Oh and once you do you can trade with me, I have a LARGE


evolume from seattle washington U.S.a on 2001-07-21 06:28 [#00016921]

i'll trade but i don't know if i have anything you need.
and thanks


The Grey Gentleman from Eugene, Oregon on 2001-07-21 07:20 [#00016928]

This is probably stupid of me, as I have MP3's for albums I
haven't purchased. But if at all possible, please consider
purchasing albums in leiu of just trading them.

If you order Rephlex/Warp stuff offa Warpmart, it often gets
shipped rather quickly. I just made an order here from the
west coast of the US and it only took a few days to arrive.
I was shocked to get my stuff so quickly (Good job Warp).

Just a random comment. I reckon Rephlex isn't rolling in the

K, I'll shut up now.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-21 08:33 [#00016934]

No thats ok, i mean i do buy many albums, but I get tons of
stuff via Mp3, whole albums only, then burn them complete..
been doing it for a while.



evolume from seattle washington U.S.a on 2001-07-21 18:37 [#00016984]

and some stuff ya just cant find for sale.
not that i have much of that kind of stuff to trade...
unless you are a skinny puppy fan. got a couple of that kind
of rarity.


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-21 19:12 [#00016988]

Ogre from skinny puppy apparently just released some new new
new material.

is it any good? i havent heard it.


The Grey Gentleman from Eugene, Oregon on 2001-07-21 19:16 [#00016990]

Yeah Ohgr! He has a website up I think?

Personally, I think his music is crap, and a lot of people
that just went to his Portland, OR concert said it was
horrible. Then again, they were probably used to Skinny
Puppy, and its much much different than that.

It's more rock with a slight psychadelic edge. Cevin and
Dwayne definitely carried the band, musically. Ogre carried
it with his presence and edgy vocals.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-21 23:02 [#00017011]

evolume: i love Download which is all or most members of
Skinny Puppy, Skinny Puppy was originated in my city along
with another canadian city, they are good.


evolume from seattle washington U.S.a on 2001-07-22 04:12 [#00017049]

yes skinny puppy was the shit
its the only band who's logo i have tatooed on my body. (you
know.. get a little faced and find some needles and india
ink lying around...)
i have heard some of ogre's other stuff and have not been
that impressed.
my favorite skinny puppy was the Last Rights album. it was
like the anthem of my late high-school early college years.


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