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chicken paste man!! on 2001-07-20 14:19 [#00016801]

Friday 31 August

An evening of ground-breaking beats, experimental
soundscapes and film screenings. The latest in the V&A's
acclaimed Shhh!!... Music for Museums series see a gathering
of DJs and special guests including Richard D James
(Rephlex/Warp), V/VM, Ovuca (Rephlex), Fat Cat DJs, Duplo
Remote (Fat Cat) and Rob Hall (Skam). Plus a visuals room
featuring Hazard with Touch Visuals (Touch), CassetteBoy,
and People Like Us with Semiconductor.

Tickets are £7.50. Available from the Friday Late View Box
Office on 020 7942 2211. There is limited ticket
availability, advance booking strongly advised.


sloey66 from ireland on 2001-07-20 14:26 [#00016802]

where is it


Moses on 2001-07-20 15:00 [#00016813]

V&A=Victoria and Albert Museum in London


dirty little bitch on 2001-07-21 12:14 [#00016945]



dirty little bitch on 2001-07-22 22:51 [#00017146]

i got my tickets. anyone else up for it?


Streamer on 2001-07-23 11:25 [#00017282]

I'm gonna be there.


Moses on 2001-07-23 11:25 [#00017283]

I shall be watching from On High


my face on 2001-07-23 11:25 [#00017284]

I'm gonna fucking well be there.


angel faced bitch on 2001-07-23 11:38 [#00017295]

i'm gonna bomb the place.


my face on 2001-07-23 11:40 [#00017297]

I shot that bitch.........


i'm a bitch with a fucked up face. on 2001-07-23 11:42 [#00017298]

he shot me in the face...


horney cunts from england on 2001-07-23 14:01 [#00017328]

what d u mean like a chiken we do any style


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