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Squarepusher Live

Tek from Australia on 2001-07-20 02:27 [#00016685]

I'm hopefully going to see squarepusher tonight live,...
what's his live act like?


H3XAN3 from Melbourne on 2001-07-20 07:24 [#00016704]

damn i missed him! he was at the prince last night, but i
couldn't go


Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-07-20 07:36 [#00016714]

i got to see him at the coachella festival a few months ago.
it was incredible. i had never really heard of him before
that, but after that i downloaded a bunch of songs from him
(i slowly get to delete them because i am buying the albums
now). squarepusher will always stand out as the best
performance at the festival. i have, however, read some bad
reviews for his shows (which sucks, because i was so
completely blown away by him).


Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-07-20 07:37 [#00016716]

(i hope i get to see him again some day)


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-20 10:11 [#00016746]

Damnnit,... they wouldn't let me in,.. they said I was

I feel really depressed now,..


H3XAN3 from Melbourne on 2001-07-20 10:16 [#00016748]

serious? thank god i didn;t get tickets 0 im underage!


Baron Von Picklefoot from The keep me under the stairs with only a canned ham to keep me company on 2001-07-20 10:26 [#00016752]

I'm going to see squarepusher on the 17th in chicago its
going to be fucking amazing for the event I'm going to shave
my head and paint it blue !THE BARON HAS SPOKEN!!


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