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Wizards Teeth on 2001-07-19 14:13 [#00016543]

Shall we all submit one song each (if we make tunes) to

He could then burn it onto a cd a sell it.

I owuld buy a copy as it would be something to keep / let
your grandkids listen to.

We could even submit one piece of art the size of a cd cover
to include in the cover of the cd.

What are your thoughts ?


rob fragilenine from everywhere on 2001-07-19 14:18 [#00016545]

That is an excellent idea. The only problem for me is
selecting which track to submit... I would definitely buy it

Wizards Teeth: Did you get my remix?


Wizards Teeth on 2001-07-19 14:35 [#00016547]

Hi Rob,

Phobia zero could choose the tracks himself or release quite
a few albumn. It could even be sent to warp / rephlex

The message arrived but my company wont allow me to me to
read the file as it is kept by mine sweeper.

If you dont mind could you send it to my friend and he will
send it to me:

Many thanks
Wizards Teeth


rob fragilenine from everywhere on 2001-07-19 15:09 [#00016550]

Argh... I spent all night uploading that file!!! I guess I
should upload it to a website or something? So then everyone
can hear it.


Wizards Teeth on 2001-07-19 16:10 [#00016580]

Good Idea mr. Fragile.

I look forward to hearing it.

I have some more items available very soon to listen to.


djfony -mike b- from helemano, hawaii on 2001-07-19 16:23 [#00016587]

Im down if it gets off the groud :)


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-19 16:25 [#00016588]

mp3 com hosting is free right?

whats that shit about you can get paiyed for every


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-19 16:51 [#00016601]

i would do that if i could figure out how to get my stuff on
to a computer. i dont think it's all that hard, i'd need to
read up on it.


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-19 16:52 [#00016602]

we'd need plenty more people to do this. i believe three or
four people are interested as of now.


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-07-19 17:03 [#00016603]

I recon we could get twenty people to join in the fun.

What do you need to know to get your sounds onto your
computer ?

Maybe we can inform you


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-19 17:15 [#00016604]

i have my drum machine, my sequencer, and my keyboard
synth/noise thing. would i only have to hook up my sequencer
to the computer and run everything, or would i need to hook
up everything to the computer? what kind of programs, if
any, would i need?


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-07-19 17:19 [#00016606]

If everything is running through the sequencer, take the
output of that and run it into the input of your soundcard
if you have one.

Use a programme such as cool edit to reord the sound you

When you have recorded it as a wav file, convert it into an


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-19 17:25 [#00016607]

is it possible to obtain a free copy of cool edit, or enough
of it to do what i want to do? i've seen a sight mentioned
around here before to get software off of, does anyone know
what that sight is?


Loogie on 2001-07-19 17:31 [#00016608]

You can download a crippled version of CoolEdit from
It can still do the important stuff though.


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-19 17:51 [#00016610]

i sent you an email wizards teeth.


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-19 18:15 [#00016614]

I'm in (if people want me in). I'd probably put in one of
the uppermost 3 songs on my site.

To get your song onto, you have to make a mp3 file
first. You probably have to make a wav file and then convert
that into the mp3. It has to be at 128 thingies per second
or whatever.


rob fragilenine from alpha café on 2001-07-19 19:21 [#00016629]

I'm very interested.


D-Hex from KC Missouri on 2001-07-19 19:28 [#00016630]

Shoot i would do it too. I have about 50 of my songs on cd
but i just cant put in onto my harddrive - too confusing.
Thats a great idea though, id be up for it.


Aron? from Canada on 2001-07-19 20:30 [#00016635]

Hmmmm...I'm intrested too...


ross on 2001-07-19 20:32 [#00016636]

id be very interested as well


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-20 11:29 [#00016769]

So it will be like totally new songs`?

not just the remixes?

i wanna play!!


sloey66 from ireland on 2001-07-20 14:14 [#00016796]

i would like to talk to wizards teeth


Synchronicity on 2001-07-20 14:16 [#00016798]

i'm definantly up for it...just say when and what


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-07-20 14:49 [#00016808]


I have sent you an e-mail.

I think everyone should have a think over the weekend about
how we will execute this project and discuss on Monday.

I think the tracks we use should be originals not remixes.

Do we need a central location to send the tracks to ?


rob fragilenine from alpha café on 2001-07-20 14:54 [#00016810]

If Phobiazero doesn't want us to bombard him with songs,
someone could set up an FTP site and we could all upload to


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-07-20 14:59 [#00016812]

How do we do that.

I have heard of them but I have no clue how to do it.

We could then expand and turn it into a community to allow
people to share tips, samples and do remixes of each others


rob fragilenine from moo 309 on 2001-07-20 15:07 [#00016819]

It could be something like this:

Album #1: 'Aphex Twin Community Compilation' (2 disc set)
Album #2: 'Aphex Twin Community Remixes' (2 disc set, with
remixes of album #1's songs)

I don't know how to do an FTP site, but I'm sure someone


QVAZAR from death star on 2001-07-20 15:15 [#00016821]

i know how to do FTP site its realy easy
1. visit and search for ftp server ! (i am
2. download the program, run it and choose a folder to
3. tell us adress
4. but there is one problem. You need to have a realy fast


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-07-20 15:19 [#00016822]

Theoretically it could be an online record label.

We don't have to stop after one albumn.

We could Churn out new tunes constantly.


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-20 16:39 [#00016833]

i think that would be a very fun/interesting thing to do


Lt. Gerbal Malone from the Woodchip Cage on 2001-07-20 17:02 [#00016834]

This shit came together way too fast. There's also the legal
factors which I hope will fuck you up.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-20 17:11 [#00016837]

Give me a few days to set things up.


rob fragilenine from a headache tablet called icct hedral on 2001-07-20 17:14 [#00016840]

Ok... Why not try this:
We set up an online record label and make various
compilations (ambient, hardcore, etc.) and sell them on
ebay, etc.? Good idea? Because I think we might run into
some legal issues (as person above said) if we put the Aphex
Twin name on it.


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-07-20 17:17 [#00016841]

Thanks for the support mr. gerbil.


Lt. Gerbal Malone from the Woodchip Cage on 2001-07-20 17:25 [#00016845]


First things first: I would like to set the record straight.
The reason I am hanging myself is not solely because I am a
midget. Two days ago while I was visiting Vancouver I went
to a hockey game and I got so upset at myself because I
realized I would never be capable of being what I wanted to
be. This is obviously due to my stature; I am unable to go
out on the ice and compete. I spent four hard years of my
life writing what I consider to be one of the greatest
romance novels of our time (Please Consider My Lust), of
which I have now burned the only existing copy. No one would
give it a fair read. There was not a single reply, even from
the people whom I consider to be close personal friends, not
naming names, they never got around to reading it. All I can
say is to hell with this life. Plus I am only attracted to
tall women, these are the women who time after time
consistently refuse me. Do they ever give me a chance? No.
Do they even care? No. My only regret is that I was never
able to visit Sweetwater, Florida. I have always wanted to
go there because it is a town that was originally settled by
a troupe of Russian circus midgets in the early 1940s. My
parents were married there and I was conceived there. I
leave all my belongings to the NAACP, except my art deco
wall clock, which I would like to leave to the Dayton, Ohio,
public library because this was the place that I first
discovered the works of Emily Brontë and S.E. Hinton, whose
works inspired me to become a failed midget writer.



Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-20 17:59 [#00016850]

The idea about starting a community is REALLY great! i love
the idea, as you say, about sharing tips and stuff like

count me in if anything happens =)


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-20 18:10 [#00016854]

Wizards Teeth:
You crazy tooth fairy! I got your... song... in the mail.
It was nice, very nice, don't get me wrong.. there was just
something I was kind of curious about. I mean, it didn't
sound like anything, but it did look like a picture of a
swan with a womans head on it... I think you have a very
bizarre mental illness, so you're all right in my book.


gotmeth? on 2001-07-20 23:41 [#00016905]

if you wanna use an FTP to upload the songs to, we can use

i set something up at:

or for you CuteFTPers
user: aphex
pass: twin


Synchronicity on 2001-07-21 04:51 [#00016914]

why even call it "Aphex Twin Community Songs" ? Why the need
for the Aphex Twin name in their? Couldn't we create our own
name, to totally avoid any problems, and make our original


Synchronicity on 2001-07-21 06:05 [#00016918]

Btw...what would the general genre of music be do u think>?
What style would most of you want to contribute?


D-Hex from KC Missouri on 2001-07-21 07:10 [#00016926]

Hey phob - if we do this will you accept only mp3s or will
we be able to send you actual cds in the mail?


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-07-21 07:34 [#00016929]

OOOOOH!!!! I wanna be in this!

Someone on the Joyrex msgboard was gonna do something
similar, but I dunno if he still is.

So, are we going to submit new songs especially for the
release, or can it be one we already made?


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-07-21 07:39 [#00016930]

Oi, someone said you need fast connection to use FTP
servers. I'm sure most of us are on pretty slow connection.

Blegh, it's not even official yet.


rob fragilenine from a headache tablet called icct hedral on 2001-07-21 14:36 [#00016959]

I will submit 3 songs to this album, an IDM song (under the
name 'negative alpha index'), an ambient piece (under the
name 'dynamic flux transient'), and an acid jazz song (under
the name 'total harmonic distortion'). These will be
specially written for the compilation. I will be uploading
them to the above FTP site as soon as I finish them.


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-21 15:40 [#00016963]

Yeah... i dont think it should be called Aphex twin
something. lets make it something original!

i´ve been making dirty gnome electro wich will soon be
featuring some lyrics from mr teeth himself.


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-21 16:05 [#00016969]

By the way, if you want tips for making music, try this
website. Some of the stuff is pretty compex, and other is a
bit simple. but its a good site. check it out.


Synchronicity on 2001-07-22 05:52 [#00017058]

i'll be submitting 2 songs:

.synchronicity. - sefælik 4:12
(reverse piano, old style techno bass, talking / poem)

.synchronicity. - relection of a mind warping 4:29
(classical style dark ambience with trip hop style beats)


gotmeth? on 2001-07-22 07:34 [#00017062]

i added to songs to the FTP. under 2 aliases:
Prono - My Avin
Buz - The Psychotic Beats


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-22 15:31 [#00017081]

I´m really really fascinated by the idea.

perhaps these cd´s could be more than "just" compilations
of some sorts. we could combine our best talents and create
tracks together! for example, i consider Beat programming my
best trait, so i´d be happy to put a killer beat over some
tune. just a suggestion.


rob fragilenine from a headache tablet called icct hedral on 2001-07-22 16:02 [#00017084]

i have an idea for a mass collaboration:
We all make a part of a song (say around 30 seconds) in the
same tempo and key, and then all pieces are joined
together... this could be interesting as there would be
different styles/samples...


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