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I think Drukqs is official

Archrival from New York on 2001-07-19 14:11 [#00016542]

How the hell could that dude who made that sight know the
connection between Warp and brasseye special edition???

Warp advertise about Chris Morris and Brass eye.

Answer me this!!!??


PostModernVancouver from Vancouver,Canada on 2001-07-19 14:18 [#00016544]

No disrespect, but I think you want DRUKQS to be official so
there's something to believe in until the album comes out..
Promise you...there wont be anything on that album that
you're hearing on the erm DRUKQS site....


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-19 15:11 [#00016551]

Yeah Im with you on that Van. For sure, I believe that the
site is 100% total bullshit! Happy Surfing!



Luke on 2001-07-19 16:14 [#00016581]

i dont know i heard afew promo tracks and it didn't sound
like aphex at all but hes ever changing, a mystery to all.
so think what you will


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