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dj shadow and sampling..

Ross on 2001-07-19 03:03 [#00016427]

Hi, i know dj shadow samples movies and songs, but i was
wondering if he samples himself playing instruments, like
the piano in midnight in a perfect world..or does it all
come from outer sources? does he sample himself playing
drums? any help would be appreciated..


breadmachine from O-H-I-O! on 2001-07-19 03:08 [#00016428]

I'm pretty sure that Entroducing was made entirley from
samples from outside sources. I don't know of any
instruments that Dj Shadow plays.


Ross on 2001-07-19 03:17 [#00016430]

thanks, i think i heard that, but then there's those little
skits where he'll play drums or something and i wasnt sure
if that was real (i think that's on pre-emptive)


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-07-19 05:59 [#00016443]

Speaking of DJ Shadow, does anyone know how/when/where I can
see or get a copy of Dark Days?

Has anyone else seen it?

Let me know


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