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Albums to do stuff to...

rob fragilenine from everywhere on 2001-07-17 17:41 [#00015939]

What do you put on when:
01. it's raining
02. you're surfing the net
03. you're going to sleep
04. you're doing nothing
05. you're on a long trip (driving somewhere, not drugs)
06. there is a power failure
07. you're playing games
08. you're waiting for something
09. you're sad
10. you're happy


11. Also which album/song gives you 'goosebumps', or that
tingly feeling?

For me, they are:
01. SAW85-92
02. Surfing On Sine Waves/Tool - Lateralus
03. SAW85-92 (i don't have SAWII yet)
04. Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile (disc 1)
05. Tool - Lateralus / Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
/ 311 - Transistor
06. Gravity Kills - Self-titled
07. ICBYD / AB3
08. Mudvayne - L.D 50 (I was waiting for my parents to come
home with some lunch, so I cranked this to 11)
09. Anything by 311
10. Anything by 311


11. The end of Windowlicker, Polynomial-C and The Frail
(NIN) do it for me.

I don't want people replying to this thread with stupid
comments (ie. 'fuck off, i'm not telling you that much
information'). If you want to complain about this thread,
keep it to yourself...


Wizards Teeth on 2001-07-17 17:49 [#00015941]

When I boil crabs I listen to Appetite for Destruction One
By Guns n Roses. When November Rain comes on I nearly cry
thinking about the small crabs being killed


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-07-17 17:56 [#00015942]

Im going to keep this simple

1-10 Boards Of Canada's "Music Has The Right To Children"

11 any song of Ulver's "Themes from William Blake's : The
Marriage of Heaven and Hell" or "Perdition City"

now thats Real music :)


Chimp Systems from Vague Island on 2001-07-17 18:06 [#00015946]

I like to masturbate to the soundtrack of Anna And The King,
seriously. THe theme is great.


walt from europe on 2001-07-17 18:38 [#00015962]

When it's raining and I'm sad I listen to Afx' Flim, IZ-US,
DJ Shadow's Endtroducing, Philip Glass' The Screens,
Sathyagraha for Piano and Symphony No.3, Laika's Good
Looking Blues, Paul Bley's Not Two Not One and Ladytron's
604 and Raindrops on Windowpanes...

My Going-to-Sleep-music is Erik Satie's Gnossiennes and the
Soundtrack for Being John Malkovich...



uneven frequencie from calgary, alberta, canada on 2001-07-17 18:48 [#00015965]

01. it's raining : nothing i like sound of rain, the sound
of storms.
02. you're surfing the net : depends
03. you're going to sleep : Selected Ambient Works Volume
ll, Brain Eno - Ambient 1: Music for Airports, Global
Communication - 76:14
04. you're doing nothing : nothing


Yanni from The Acropolis on 2001-07-17 18:49 [#00015966]

I am Yanni.

01. Yanni - Rain Sessions vol.893
02. Yanni - It's all Yanni
03. Yanni - Yanni Exposed
04. Yanni - There's Something about Yanni
05. Yanni - Yanni Goes Driving
06. Yanni - Yanni Fantasy
07. Yanni - Yanni and Shout
08. Yanni - The Wait (for Yanni)
09. Yanni - How Yanni Got His Groove Back
10. Yanni - I Love Yanni

11. 100% Yanni

I am Yanni.


walt from europe on 2001-07-17 18:55 [#00015968]

great driving music is titan's elevator, buena vista social
club and dj shadow

uh, and the tingly feeling albums/tracks...

1.philip glass. organic (from kooyanisqatsi)
2.afx.flim& IZ-US from come to daddy shadow.stem
4.philip glass. facades
5.paul bley. noosphere (from not two, not one)
6.laika. black cat bone
7.ladytron. discotraxx
8.emir kusturica. unza unza time
9.pizzicato five. magic twin candle tale& concerto
10.philip glass. channels and winds (from passages)
11.ladytron. he took her to a movie
12.laika. uneasy
13.laurent garnier.communications from the lab
14.philip glass. company shadow. organ donor
16.erik satie.nocturnes
17.erik satie. gnossiennes
18. herbie hancock. cantaloupe island


walt from europe on 2001-07-17 18:59 [#00015969]

the only thing i like of yanni are the conan o'brien yanni


ross on 2001-07-17 20:12 [#00015979]

walt-philip glass is on tv tonight here..i am most
definitely tuning in..


rob from portreath - cornwall on 2001-07-17 21:01 [#00016001]

TIM 'Love' LEE

great when you want some chilled out shagging music.

Go to for a sample

Try Twilight Reservation


walt from europe on 2001-07-17 21:29 [#00016015]

ross - oh, that's cool. Where is 'here'. I guess US of A or

afx& phil... polynomial-c is so much like phil glass


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-17 22:13 [#00016025]

When i feel aggresive and all that, the number one album is


when i´m kinda sad i listen to SAW II, KATE BUSH and such

PLAID is good for several occasions. driving, drawing, doing
nothing. just put in rest proof clockwork and press play!!!

BARRY WHITE. you guessed it. sweet love man. Even better
actually is the quit tracks from JAMIRQUAI. will put any
chick in the mood (this is including Boy george, and dont
ask me why i know)

BOGDAN RACZYNSKI is good if some of your friends are in
doubt that you´re a loonie. this will convince them no

TOM WAITS. well... not occasion defined i´d say. for when
you want to listen to good music! and you want that all the
time right! (Dont use headphones with this fella)

Hope you can use these suggestions to something!

Check out Atari teenage riot. Theyt are the hardest band in
the world! no doubt. good adrenelin shot.


walt from europe on 2001-07-17 22:15 [#00016027]

tom waits & red wine - perfect match... especially with bone
machine - weird album.


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-17 22:22 [#00016032]

01. Raining : Yamashiro (akira soundtrack)

02. net : FSOL

03. sleep : FSOL/AFX/Orbital

04. doing nothing : Autechre

05. long trip : Prodigy/Underworld

06. Power failure : Prodigy (the only thing I got on tape

07. Games : Takkyu Ishino/Underworld

08. Waiting : Aphex Twin

09. Sad : Metallica (old habits)

10. Happy : Orbital

11. Goosebump inducing : some Aphex/Autechre/Quake


ross on 2001-07-17 23:17 [#00016050]

walt, i'm in Canada, but im pretty sure it's on in the
states too..i cant remember if it's on bravo or what channel


Aron? from Canada on 2001-07-18 01:06 [#00016058]

01. Radiohead- Kid A
02. usually stuff off of
03. Radiohead - Kid A
04. Aphex Twin - RDJ Album or BOC - MHTRTC
05. LTJ Bukem - Journey Inwards
06. nothing, there's no power!
07. anything from Underworld to Squarepusher. It depends on
the game
08. ?
09. Radiohead - Kid A
10. LTJ Bukem - Journey Inwards


way0ut from ME on 2001-07-18 01:17 [#00016060]

01. music is rotted one note
02. tri repetae?
03. SAW2, biosphere's cirque, gimmik's slow motion process,
ae's amber
04. proem's burn plate no. 1?
05. underworld's second toughest in the infants, feed me
weird things
06. plastikman's consumed
07. burning n tree
08. chris clark's clarence park
09. sigur ros' album (cant spell the name)rh's amnesiac,
orbital's in sides,
10. SAW85-92, brace yourself ep, a beautiful place out in
the country ep,etc
11 squarepusher's my sound, dont go plastic, theme from
ernest borgnine, aphex's girl/boy song, xtal, alberto
balsalm, iz-us, fingerbib, ae's vletrmx, bike, nil, µ-ziq's
dance 2, brace yourself jason
radiohead's street spirit, pyramid song,
bulletproof, motion picture soundtrack
underworld's pearls girl, please help me,
banstyle, orbital's halcyon, dj shadow's midnight in a
perfect world.

and i was just wondering...why do some songs give you that
tingly feeling and not others? what causes it? i like a lot
of songs(obviously) but not all of them give me



RockHoward from Queretaro, Mexico on 2001-07-18 01:20 [#00016061]

01. it's raining - Nuthing, i like rain´s sound

02. you're surfing the net - A lot of music all the day(coz
i work in a cyber coffee), so i played tracks based in my
currently feelings. Anyway i enjoy to listen any Luke
Vibert´s creation when im online.

03. you're going to sleep - slow an sad music; Ageispolis,
Motion Picture Soundtrack(Radiohead), DBC(Plug), etc..

04. you're doing nothing - Any powerful thing; Drum N Bass,
Squarepusher´s songs or NIN

05. you're on a long trip (driving somewhere, not drugs) -
Strong music what makes me weirdo; NIN again, Prick, etc...

06. there is a power failure - I like the darkness so... i
played sad and exquisites tracks like Street
Spirit(Radiohead), No Surprises(Radiohead), La Mer(NIN),
etc... Tracks where i can feel in the darkness their power

07. you're playing games - Nuthing, i like to play with
game´s music or silence

08. you're waiting for something - Relaxing music and long;
AFX, Boards of Canada, Autechre, etc...

09. you're sad - KID A, Selected NIN´s tracks, a complete
repertory coz theses days im depresing by troubles with my

10. you're happy - Nice IDM music with style and class


ross on 2001-07-18 02:20 [#00016064]

walt- watched the philip glass live at rehearsal hall
special...i've respected this man for a year now, but havent
got any albums (ive been buying a lot of stuff, but it's one
of those 'i really need to' but never attain situations with
his cd's) He played opening (i assume that's from
glassworks?) metaphorism #3 (?), a night at the balcony,
piano etude 6, and one other one i think i missed because i
was feeling really sick and was in the bathroom..Any
suggestions on good first cds of his? I play piano also and
find him to be a good inspiration


ross on 2001-07-18 02:24 [#00016065]

i think the reason some songs give you that tingly feeling
and not others (in reply to Aron) is that some songs give
you a feeling that others dont..whether it be a nostalgic
feeling (one that can remind you of a blurred childhood,
happy or sad memories..) or a feeling that comes through the
music you can't describe..i love it when music transcends
the chords and structure, and none of that matters, just the
complete atmosphere it makes-a lot of music is like
that..sigur ros, godspeed you black emperor, etc.


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-07-18 02:55 [#00016068]

01: The Chemical Brothers-Surrender
02: Meat Beat Manifesto-Actual Sounds + Voices
03: Aphex Twin-SAWII
04: Beck-Odelay
05: Led Zeppelin-Physical Graffiti
06: NIN-The Downward Spriral
07: Hive-Devious Methods
08: Aphex Twin-Richard D. James Album
09: Radiohead-The Bends
10: Beastie Boys-Check Your Head
11: NIN-The Fragile


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-07-18 02:57 [#00016069]

#11 could also be Boards Of Canada "Turquoise Hexagon Sun"
or Autechre "Eggshell"


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-18 04:51 [#00016085]



Xanatos from NYC on 2001-07-18 05:28 [#00016090]

1-11 Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm

I have probably listened to this song a few thousand
times...and every time I have to stop what I am doing and
contemplate its beauty and genius...

Well actually I could probably come up with ones for all
1-11 I just had to get that off my chest as I was listening
to it while typing :)


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-07-18 05:32 [#00016091]


12. When you are on Acid (or any other psychadelic)
13. When you are on Ecstacy

and please don't answer with "Nothing 'cause drugs are
stupid" if that's the case just leave it alone.


walt from europe on 2001-07-18 12:26 [#00016213]

hi ross - fantastic, i'm really anxious to hear any etude of
his series of etudes!!! they are not out cd yet, which
really is bad. i cannot wait for this...

well, but there's some piano music released. i really can
recommend the album 'glass cage', with glass' metamorphosis,
sathyagraha and mad rush (plus two john cage pieces),
performed by bruce brubaker (actually i even prefer this
recording to phil's own album).

but still there is a load of other albums of glass which are
excellent. 'passages' which he did with ravi shankar is
awesome, koyaanisqatsi, the screens, symphony no.3,
dancepieces, which includes facades and dance viii (for
piano, these are some of phil glass greatest works). and if
you like weird music, check out glass early works like two
pages and contrary motion or einstein on the beach...


walt from europe on 2001-07-18 12:36 [#00016215]

uh, yes, 'opening' is from glassworks, great album. and
'night on the balcony' is from 'the screens'.


Tek from Australia on 2001-07-18 12:40 [#00016216]

Quoth : Have you heard "the egg" by autechre,... It's a
really nice remix that strikes harder than eggshell but
still has the chimey reminesance of the other version,.. I
think it's on the artificial intelligence compilation,...
might be wrong though,... check it out anyways


Chimp Systems from Vague Island on 2001-07-21 00:54 [#00016906]

01. When it's raining, I listen to DC Talk
02. When I'm surfing the net, I listen to DC Talk
03. When i'm going to sleep, I listen to DC Talk
04. When i'm not doing anythin, I listen to DC Talk
05. When i'm on a long drive, I listen to DC Talk
06. When there's a power failure, I listen to DC Talk
07. When i'm playing games, I listen to DC Talk
08. When i'm waiting for someone, I listen to DC Talk
09. When i'm sad, I listen to DC Talk
10. When i'm happy, I listen to DC Talk

If Jesus could see me now.........

11. "Jesus Is Alright" by DC Talk gives me that tingly
feeling you speak of. When I hear that song.. I feel... I
just feel like it's the Lord, talking to me through the
mouths of two white boy MCs and a negro.


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