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nsync - BT produced???

rob fragilenine from everywhere on 2001-07-15 18:41 [#00015242]

apparently BT produced that nsync song "pop"... no wonder it
sounds idm-ish...


zetre on 2001-07-15 19:05 [#00015247]

That song is kakk, they´ve done better ones than that.


dgriffiths on 2001-07-15 21:04 [#00015254]

BT = IDM?, i think not
BT = shite trance merchant


WW's Sketcher from Ottawa, Canada on 2001-07-15 21:54 [#00015259]


Apparently, N'sync has realized that artists are usually
remembered for creating styles of music (e.g: Black Sabbath
for Heavy Metal, The Ramones - First Punk group...)...etc.

Apparently, them creating "dirty pop" is creating a new
style of music...which probably isn't true. I really don't
see another too many other bands copying
instead of being a landmark, it's a flop. Just another cruel
joke for someone to say on them in the future...

...oh well....


PostModernVancouver from Vancouver on 2001-07-15 22:34 [#00015271]

BT is emberassing teen-crap dance music, please so not ever
link with him with real talent such as the IDM artists.
BT is just a pretty boy, thats all.


Sandra Sully on 2001-07-15 23:04 [#00015282]

I actually like that song. Especially the thing he does with
his teeth at the end of the video, it's very 'homo erotic'
when he'd doing that and the other band members are floating
around in the background smiling. "Man, i'm tired of


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