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boxrocket on 2001-07-14 07:30 [#00015051]

was thinking today, and i began to wonder if it's "unfair"
to use certain samples of certain things and then take
credit for what you come up with. i mean, i think it's cool
to use a clip from someone's music and add it to your shite,
like beastie boys did with led zeppelin's stuff, but you can
definitely take that too fucking far if you take the whole
song and just change the words, then call it your own (two
words: puff daddy). but what about this? what if you take
sounds around you every day from commercials on tv, or sound
effects in movies, or sound effects in video games? is that
being lazy and not creative? i was playing a video game
yesterday and when i killed the enemy, it made a very cool
sound that i want to use, but i dunno if using this is a
form of cheating.....should all the sounds i use in my songs
be sounds i made, or can i collect sounds from various
places and piece them together without being a disgrace to
the art of music?


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-07-14 09:22 [#00015067]

I think small unintrusive samples can be good, if you listen
to Luke Viberts tracks in either Wagon Christ or Luke Vibert
he uses all sorts of samples in a really cool way which
makes you wonder whether or not it is from something youve
heard or seen before.


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