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Aphex Twin & Roleplaying Games

WhoIsNot on 2001-07-12 18:18 [#00014614]

Is there anyone who uses Aphex Twin's music to underscore
roleplaying sessions? If there is: which albums of AT do you
use, what else do you use, and for what kind of game do you
use all this?


Byron from under your bed on 2001-07-12 18:23 [#00014618]

I use SAWII during almost anything that I play. It just sets
a great atmosphere, methinks, and all of my friends (who
generally do not like RDJ otherwise) agree. I\'ve used it,
thus far at least, during a Gamma World campaign and while
playing the Star Wars RPG.


WhoIsNot on 2001-07-13 13:35 [#00014866]

We've used certain tracks [mostly Aphex Twin's NIN remix :)]
for a nice dark SLA Industries story. It was great... Do you
know SLA?


Byron from under your bed on 2001-07-13 19:16 [#00014987]

Actually no, I'm not familiar with it. But I am familiar
with those NIN remixes (they are what introduced me to the
Twin in the first place) and I can see why you use them to
set a sort of dark mood ;).


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