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Know anything about "Geak"...

itomato on 2001-07-12 12:25 [#00014455]

or any other of RDJ's custom software? In the Sonic Envelope
interview, he mentions Geak, and he talks a little about a
custom plug-in for Pro Tools, and his alrgorithm language in
Keyboard, but.. I want to know more! Specifics! Are any
of these things drifting around the net?


Chimp Systems from Tweak Valley on 2001-07-12 12:35 [#00014459]

I reckon he's probably talking out of his arse. He had
everyone going he used to make his own equipment as well . .
. it's all myth-making. Even Autechre have to get somebody
else to write their software, and they are ultra-geeks.


wizards teeth on 2001-07-12 12:41 [#00014461]

Theory :

People talk about the long term effect of drugs.

I think that men in the fourties and fifties experimented
and the long term effect that can now be seen is :

Big Hairy Ears.

Many men have big hairy ears that used to be normal sized
and all old women have shrunk.

Hence :

Men - Do not take drugs if you don't want to have big hairy

Women - Do not tak drugs if you don't want to shrink


Chimp Systems from Tweak Valley on 2001-07-12 12:44 [#00014462]

I have a giant fat arse full of beetles and twigs thanks to
twenty years of amphetamine abuse. The noise is horrendous.
I can't sit down or everyone around me goes deaf.

Please listen to me kids. Don't be like me. Don't have a big
fat arse.


phiz from Amsterdam on 2001-07-12 12:48 [#00014463]

wizard that is so true.

old mens ears are a scary thing, look at every old man you
see, HUGE ears, scary lobes.

a strange phenomenom


Chimp Systems from Tweak Valley on 2001-07-12 12:59 [#00014465]

That is because the ears and nose are the only things that
continue to grow throughout your entire life. Fact, madam.


wizards teeth on 2001-07-12 13:01 [#00014466]

Does the "John Thomas" grow. I bloody hope so.

Why do women shrink then ?


wizards teeth on 2001-07-12 13:04 [#00014468]

If we started a collony on a new dessert island, the only
food source being fruits on tall trees (approx thirty foot).

Would humans grow to a height of thirty feet ?

Or would the humans necks grow to thirty feet ?

Or would thier mouths grow thirty feet ?

Hence they would have a "Horse System" with a long set of


Chimp Systems from Tweak Valley on 2001-07-12 13:06 [#00014469]

Naah, your cock is your cock by the time you hit 16. . . you
can look forward to grey pubic hair though! Women shrink cuz
their spines bend and legs become crooked, 60 years of
gravity takes it's toll . . . Did you know that by 80 you've
only got 50% of the breathing capacity you had when you were
25? And your brain is around 20% smaller? Hope I die before
I get old . . .


wizards teeth on 2001-07-12 13:15 [#00014470]

Getting old is quite shit when you think about it.

This lad I know has a Grandma who has alzheimers disease, it
would be horrible to not be in control 24/7.

I can imagine it being like under the influence of "E" all
day, without paying, without getting in trouble with the
law, people looking after you, no come downs.

Hey I think i have changed my mind, it might be quite good.

Mr. System do you believe in this theory I have ?

Two friends of mine have been in life or death situations.
They claimed that time slowed down during these periods.

I think that as one gets older time speeds up and when a
state of death is near time slows down. Then at the point of
death, time has slowed so much it appears to be infinite.

Therefore we live for ever at the point of death.

But don't actually die.


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-12 13:15 [#00014471]

your body supposedley starts to die from about 28yrs onwards


Chimp Systems from Flat Mountain on 2001-07-13 10:36 [#00014806]

Mr Wizard: Sorry, I've been at home, I'll reply now -

Yeah it could be true, people I know who have been in car
crashes etc. said everything seemed to become hyper-slow....
There seems no medical reason why your brain should play
this trick on you, unless it's to give you more time to
react or something. I dunno, thinking about time makes my
teeth itch.


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