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Aphex Twin Vs. AFX

\/\/ooƒerAttack!!! from Milan on 2001-07-11 08:27 [#00014049]

Hey people, it's time that Richard D. James know which is
our favourite sound between his creations, Aphex Twin and
Who win this match?
The legendary Aphex Twin of Come To Daddy, Windowlicker,
Girl Boy Song, On, Ventolin, Selected Ambient Works, drukQs,
etc... or ... the eclectic style of AFX with the ANALOGUE
AFX.MEN 1, etc...?

Tell me your choice.



M m M m on 2001-07-11 08:30 [#00014050]

Aphex twins newer material is technologically aurally
mentally superior to the rest. Same for newer autechre.


Daphe from call it what you want on 2001-07-11 09:11 [#00014063]

AFX is Aphex

Nothing more and nothing less.


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-11 09:24 [#00014075]

face it he got famous and now he can afford better equipment
(pro-tools & sound scape package thingy)
though i do prefer the older more raw stuff the new stuff
has its good points too.


\/\/ooƒerAttack!!! from Milan on 2001-07-11 10:10 [#00014090]

Daphe: There's a big difference between Aphex Twin style and
AFX style, between Polygon Window style and Caustic Window
They're different projects.
Don't you hear the difference?



DAPHE from call it what you want on 2001-07-11 10:36 [#00014113]

Hey woofer !

Of corse can i hear the difference.

But it is all rich !

Maybe i just got the question wrong.

I just enjoy listening to his music.
The older tunes are more analog.
The newer tunes are more digital.
Of course there are differences when you listen.

But in the end is it all Rich.

Understand what I mean ?

Greetings Woof !


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-11 10:44 [#00014121]

Woofer {long time messageboard companion, we are some of the
pioneers!} .. yes... AFX is better in my opinion! I like the
harsh style and I think that it was ingenious, not that his
newer stuff isn't brilliant, I just think that his older
stuff was a lot more sublte, and hides many audio secrets!


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-07-11 11:09 [#00014131]



Name all AFX releases

AFX is his name when he release on rephlex right?


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-07-11 11:21 [#00014137]

you see:

the old rich: when he played on synthies, more
hardware....the sound is really easy and harsh to
listen....but damn good!!

now but The Aphex Twin: and these new albums, e.g Richard D.
James Album, he did work at a mac, so the beats etc. are
really exact technical perfect. if you work only on pc's and
not on knobs, you will be a perfectionist.....thats not only
by Richard....i see it by myself and friends....everything
must be exact and perfect to every ms.


\/\/ooƒerAttack!!! from Milan on 2001-07-11 11:26 [#00014138]

DAPHE: Yeah, I understand you. My question is if do you
prefer the music that he make alias Aphex Twin (WARP LABEL)
or the music he make alias AFX (REPHLEX LABEL) ;)

REFLEX: Yeah, We're the pioneer but you were here first of
me. The first time I wrote on this board your nick was "AFX
DOUBT", isn't it? I like you because you have really much
APHEX experience, you're balanced in your argument and not
stupid like many people that often write here.
We would open a Topic for remember all the Pioneers of this
(Where is Xepha with his answering machine?)



|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-11 11:35 [#00014150]

\/\/ooƒerAttack!!!: yeah your a level headed guy as well! I
think that we should have a few people talk about this....
being around in the start of things, my name back then was
AFX DUB. I like what it is now, we have been coming here for
a while.

AFX FOREVER! ahahhaa.


\/\/ooƒerAttack!!! from Milan on 2001-07-11 13:38 [#00014192]

...It was AFX DUB, not AFX DOUBT... sorry... :)



hedtwin from manchester on 2001-07-12 03:36 [#00014351]

I have always been hedtwin. i remember the days when it was
not a topic based board (wipes tear from eye) good times,
good times..


H3XAN3 [C6H14] from Melb. on 2001-07-12 10:16 [#00014400]

yeh, those were the getting...a bit teary


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-12 10:18 [#00014402]

I remember when... oh god this makes me cry so hard....
when... we....... all..... were.... in............¿?


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