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my new game: "i'm sorry, but i'm british"

hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-10 16:36 [#00013828]

this is about my new game. it's called "i'm sorry, but i'm
british". i have noticed that you brits use cunt, twat, and
wanker a lot. i somewhat understand the proper occasion on
which one would use these words from a previous topic and
think my game would work in the manner in which it should.
this is how the game works. you must approach people and
greet them while calling them one of the three
aforementioned words, then say "i'm sorry, but i'm british".
the objective is not to get punched/beaten/reprimanded.
whoever recieves the least amount of bludgeonings wins.

(for best results, it helps not play the game in the u.k.
because they will probably understand)


vinegar spoooof from . on 2001-07-10 16:42 [#00013829]

you have missed out on the most important phrase-'wet end'.
a sticker should also be presented to the contestant stating
that 'i've just been goosed'


Wizards Teeth on 2001-07-10 16:48 [#00013832]

Were are you from hevquip ?


Chrispy from the UK Plains of Noise on 2001-07-10 16:58 [#00013834]

Sounds cool. Bit too much like my average Friday night


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-10 17:17 [#00013838]

i am from america. i am usually content with calling people
prick bastards, cagney whores, and ingrates. my father
enjoys calling people communists.

you know who i am wizards teeth. (cody).
i have been working on a picture to send you, but i am
having difficulties with getting it right.


Chimp Systems from Appy Arrd Korr on 2001-07-10 17:57 [#00013844]

Some localised insults which you may wish to use to baffle
your US peers; Pez (from Bristol), Boat (meaning bollocks,
from Wolverhampton), Mef (meaning retard, from Liverpool)
(not as in a retard from Liverpool, you understand) and
Sconner (meaning someone without pubic hair, again from the
mighty Wolverhampton). Please feel free to pepper your
future dialogue with these high grade UK insults. Oh, and
just in case its just a UK thing, a windowlicker is a retard
as well. As in someone who sits on the bus and licks the


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-10 18:22 [#00013847]

call ugly chicks mangers
say it mangg-erz!


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-10 18:24 [#00013848]

call really ugly chicks
absolute 100%,


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-10 19:02 [#00013862]

i call little children grommits. i call fat people yompers
and little girls who wear lots of makeup and have braces


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