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Video games into films/animes

Chrispy from the UK Plains of Noise on 2001-07-10 09:40 [#00013664]

Nothing to do with Aphex but which games would you like to
see turned into films/animes? Who should star in them, stuff
like that.

They should've made a Days of Thunder type WipEout film.
That would be smart!


Chrispy from the UK Plains of Noise on 2001-07-10 09:40 [#00013665]

Tell me if you think they should re-do one that has already
been done and how...


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-07-10 09:45 [#00013669]

i want see a monkey island or sam&max anime :)


Bowser on 2001-07-10 09:50 [#00013674]

They should redo the Mario Bros. film and actually make it
resemble the game...That lousy movie pissed me off to a
great extent...They got it all wrong...all wrong...very
tragic...oh the humanity...


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-10 10:09 [#00013688]

I think they should have made battletoads and double dragon
[remeber that game? it was the two combined for even greater
adventures!], and yeah, it would be sweet to be a animé
film, very violent and crude.

Another one that would be sweet would have to be F-Zero that
could have been made into a cool racing/car chase movie.

Metal Gear Solid - Action/Espeniage

Contra! - Like Commando With Arnie in it! But better!

Gradius- A Space combat film. Dark and disturbing tones.

I got so many ideas... ..... hahaha.


Chrispy from the UK Plains of Noise on 2001-07-10 10:13 [#00013691]

same here mate. Thats why I put the post up.

Hows Doom 2 with Nicholas Cage sound?

Quake 2 with Arnie. That whole bit at the beginning of the
game where all those Marines in the pods get shot down!

Zelda. Speaks for itself. not a film though, Manga


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-10 10:45 [#00013699]

Zelda would make pretty cool Manga stuff man.. Hm what else,
ive had a long night so I may not be on the ball here..

Perfect Dark - Military, Shootem up film. Serious and a dark

Doom1- the movie would be something of jem, like Pi
Reuqiuem for a dream or something like that.... but awsome,
brilliantly violent and disturbingly dark. Doom

SILENT HILL!- that would make one of the most disturbing,
horrifying, deahtly, fucking insane movies ever! This game
is so fuct up.. it scared me.

Resident Evil 2 [from the guys perspective, not the girls],
this movie would be fucking sweet, like Blade, but more
focused on the Mutant Zombies overruning the city, and that
Menace guy.. oh shit if you played this youll know what I

Some RPGs I could see.. but the fun of a RPG is most
definitly experiancing all the shit... by playing it you
know? Like my favv game of all time for any system was
ChronoTrigger! and it was for the SNES, well.. its
rereleased on the Playstation! This is great news, Ill be
playing it again in 1 week! yeah!

ChronoTrigger is Back!


Chimp Systems from Appy Arrd Korr on 2001-07-10 10:52 [#00013701]

Space Harrier . . . anyone remember that? The sit-down
version is still my favourite arcade game ever . . . Could
be made into a mad trippy anime, piece of piss.


Chrispy from the UK Plains of Noise on 2001-07-10 10:58 [#00013703]

|REFLEX| : Mate, my fav RPG on the SNES was Secret of Mana!
Thats what got me into Squaresoft and FF6 < or FF3, depends
where you come from > I didnt know Secret of Mana was so
rare! I've got the PAL version too. That'll be worth
something soon.


Mark from London on 2001-07-10 11:08 [#00013705]

I Reckon Deus Ex would make an excellent film as it has
twist and tales plus a lot of political aspects surrounding
the iluminati, and has a very dark setting like Blade
Runner, I think that I could imagine Harrison Ford takeing
the Role as long as Ridley Scott directed it


Chrispy from the UK Plains of Noise on 2001-07-10 11:13 [#00013707]

|REFLEX| : Are you gonna buy Final Fantasy Chronicles with
CC and FF4 when it actually reaches places like Amazon? I
know I am! I've got a Chipped PSX so its no Prob! Thats well


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-10 11:22 [#00013714]

Final Fantasy Chronicles with CC and FF4 YEAH!!! Ofcourse Im
going to get it! Thats great news to me!!! Yeah, Im gonna
get it in about 1 week! Shit!

Secret Of Mana was sweet dude, seriously I want to get that
one too. I have Lagoon for SNES, that game rulez! Its a good
RPG, I bought it off of EBAY.COM!


Chrispy from the UK Plains of Noise on 2001-07-10 11:28 [#00013716] is amazing for our sort of shit isn't
it?! I've got Amazon to notify me when they have copies of
FFC. Is it not out yet then?

LAGOON! SHIT! My cousin had that. cool!


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-10 22:31 [#00013959]

Yeah dood.. its sweet ass. I want more thought, I have abou
22 NES games, and 15 SNES games, and 12 Playsation games,
but I want more. The last RPG I worked on and passed was FF7
and ChronoCross. Both are top knotch. Yeah yeah yeah...


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-10 22:37 [#00013963]

metal gear solid would be an awesome movie. has anyone
played the demo for the second one? i am definetly getting
that game when it comes out. supposedly a resident evil
movie is going to be made. it will be directed by sam raimi,
the same guy that did the living dead movies.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-10 22:44 [#00013971]

Sam Raimi! Hes cool, he did the Evil Dead series, those are
some fucked up funny movies if you ask me... I own all 3 of
those! Hes also doing the new spider man movie, and
yeah..... something else, and what you mentioned.

Metal Gear Solid 2 looks fucking FACKING awsome!

Another good game into a movie would have to be

Twisted Metal - Make a movie based on the game, that ones
easy.[the game wasn't that good, but Twisted Metal Black for
PS2 is killer!]

Nightmare Creatures 2 - this would also be a creepy chopem
up film.

SILENT HILL [repeat], this game scared the shit outta me and
my friend when we rented it and passed it over the weekend,
a lot of joints helped. Heh.


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-10 22:52 [#00013974]

i bet we sound like a bunch of geeks...but who cares?!?
video games are fun!


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-10 23:41 [#00013992]

its funny, cause when im on the net iam the geeky guy... but
in real life im totally opposite. So its weird. ive been on
the net forever, games too.


ross on 2001-07-10 23:44 [#00013994]

silent hill! i agree...


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-10 23:52 [#00013995]

yeah totally silent hill kix!


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