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Sir VanTanvan Mer from USA on 2001-07-10 06:48 [#00013598]

I need help. I only have a few of Richard's albums, but I
WANT THEM ALL! If anyone knows where I can find rare RDJ
albums, I whould be very very greatful if you told me where
they were!



M m M m on 2001-07-10 08:06 [#00013611]

Have you ever heard of this place called Ebay? I guess this
service doesn't exist in the third world country you come


Sir VanTanvan Mer from USA on 2001-07-10 08:10 [#00013612]

Sorry, dick! I thought maybe people would help me out
instead be a dick about it. Thanks for the tip though!


Barrett, Syd from Cambridge on 2001-07-10 08:15 [#00013614]

Bearshare..... Limewire....... Ftp's
for the rare.
check yr local indie shops for the not so


M m M m on 2001-07-10 08:17 [#00013615]

Perhaps you're too optomistic about people...


Sir VanTanvan Mer from USA on 2001-07-10 08:17 [#00013616]

Thanks, man!


M m M m on 2001-07-10 08:18 [#00013617]

You're welcome.


Sir VanTanvan Mer from USA on 2001-07-10 08:19 [#00013620]



SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-10 19:12 [#00013868]

Amazon is a good place to start.

when you´ve got everything from the amazon cataloque start
using ebay


ww_sketcher from Ottawa, Canada on 2001-07-10 19:47 [#00013871]

A Good place to find the entire list of the albums and such
would probably be here:

does that help? :)


rob from portreath - cornwall on 2001-07-10 21:01 [#00013901]

Come on son what sort of name is that?

The only tune u need is the

Then start exploring HARDCORE,

Where the pacman originates from although most round here do
not seem to know that!


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-07-10 21:07 [#00013902]

rob: shut your fucking mouth. that nick name is more then
you can retain in your pea-brain.

Sir VanTanvan Mer: try you can find many many
CDs very cheaply. the only thing is, they are used. but if
you just want want want, then it should not matter to you
too much. the besr part of, unlike ebay is that you
can pick your price. usaully there is more then one of the
same item for sale listed at different prices. ebays prices
can get out of control.


Sir VanTanvan Mer from USA on 2001-07-10 23:16 [#00013984]

Thanks everyone! Thanks, Thanksomuch for stickin' up for
me. And Rob, you should remember this name 'cause you'll
hear it later in life. Again, thanks everyone.


M m M m on 2001-07-11 07:38 [#00014037]

you're welcome *heh heh heh*


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