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Snare rushes

breadmachine from O-H-I-O! on 2001-07-10 03:48 [#00013577]

I curious as to how electronic artists such as richard make
those snare rushes in their beats. All I have right now is
a Korg ER-1.

Also, could anyone reccomend to me a good computer sequencer
program that would be easy to use?


Barrett, Syd from Cambridge on 2001-07-10 04:42 [#00013580]

i just got fruity loops the other day. it's an amazing
program. can't do those beautiful snare rushes though...


od from perth on 2001-07-10 07:00 [#00013602]

yeah it can

i do snare rushes and drill stuff on fruityloops all the

you just gotta use it funny, i spose :)
hear 'sand if you dont believe me

all done on FL


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-07-10 07:35 [#00013607]

od, I really love your music! My faves are False Exit and
Crooked Acid.

I've always wanted to make my own music but I don't have any
software. Only Music on the Playstation :) I guess it's a
start lol

I HAVE to get Fruity Loops!!!


Barrett, Syd from Cambridge on 2001-07-10 08:18 [#00013619]

how do you get the snare rushes? if you could kinda explain

thanks alot....


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-07-10 09:04 [#00013640]

OOOOOH!!!! Orangedust! Just the person I need to ask, yes,
how do you make drill and bass on fruityloops? I think I
know, crank up the bpm, and make the tunes "long" (for that
speed, anyway). Is that right? Does that mean you use HEAPS
of patterns to get the sorta spontaneous beats? PLEASE, I'M


chicken paste man!! on 2001-07-10 10:19 [#00013692]

it's simple. just eat your own face.


Chrispy from the UK Plains of Noise on 2001-07-10 10:22 [#00013694]

I make Music on Music 2000 for the PSX. But I cant get any
connections to turn them into Mp3s! It really frustrates me.
Does anyone know the best way to do it? I think it's viable
to share with people and I cant!


gotmeth? from St. Louis, MO on 2001-07-10 23:06 [#00013978]

quadruple the tempo. make like 7 or 8 snare trax with the
same snare. make the top one's volume the loudest and the
bottom one's the softest. and just do one snare right after
the other going from the softest on to the loudest


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-07-10 23:15 [#00013983]

you'll finally figure out that it's something that is
(overused) and not innovative anymore...why not trying bass
rushes or exponential tempos? just a thought


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-10 23:31 [#00013990]

a bass rush would sound like a cool thing to do. i'm
surprised squarepusher hasn't done something like that.


SQUAREPUSHER on 2001-07-11 00:00 [#00014000]

He does do bass rushes. There`s truckloads of the bastards
on his mini-album Big Loada. Apparently he just uses an
ancient drum machine and uses the memory for one track at a
time. Snare rushes are basically a relatively simple beat
but sped up to like 180-200 bpm. I analysed it by slowing
down one in Sound Forge coz that`s the sort of nerdy geezer
i am. But I don`t give fuck coz i`ll make a lot of money
knowing this shit. See ya !


Chris Ochre from Newcastle, UK. ( on 2001-07-11 00:07 [#00014003]

Snare rushes, along with any complex drum pattern, are best
programmed using something with a dedicated drum editor such
as Cubase VST or Emagic Logic. There are tons of cut-down
versions if you don't feel like shelling out for the top
notch versions. Pattern sequencers are a bit cack for
anything that isn't 4 on the floor.


SQUAREPUSHER on 2001-07-11 00:09 [#00014004]

I could all the software like cubase for nothing. It`s good
knowing fuckin` crims he he
£300 my arse!


Nanabus from UK on 2001-07-11 01:30 [#00014007]

Another way to get crazy drum rushes is to use a delay
effect set on a very short delay, and use the feedback
setting to determine the length of the roll.


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