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female Aphex lovers

\/\/ooƒerAttack³!!! from Milan on 2001-07-12 07:22 [#00014362]

Ohppsss... sorry, don't look at me.
I'm only interesting to see what's happening here... it's
like a "soap opera".



m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-12 07:23 [#00014363]

You're so cute when you're angry. Can I have a big hug?


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-12 07:25 [#00014365]

Wes gan get teh movei writes to ist scripts on des paeg and
get lost off monieees!!!!!!!ieie!!1



\/\/ooƒerAttack³!!! from Milan on 2001-07-12 07:27 [#00014366]



H3XAN3 [C6H14] from Melb. on 2001-07-12 09:59 [#00014395]

Woofer, for someone who has shite english, you're pretty


\/\/ooƒerAttack³!!! from Milan on 2001-07-12 10:39 [#00014409]

Thanx, in the future I promise I'll study it better...
H3XAN3 [C6H14], for someone who has shite nickname, you're
pretty funny, too!



|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-12 10:49 [#00014414]

Wooƒer: you are, indeed quite funny! :]


wizards teeth on 2001-07-12 11:16 [#00014431]

Hello Ladies,

These are my stats :

1. Neck size = 18 inches (height)

2. I have no throat

3. My hands are eagles talons

4. I am afraid of York and People called Ian

5. My legs are snakes

6. My wrists are invisible

Any offers ladies ?


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-12 21:17 [#00014639]

My real name is Ian.


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-13 00:20 [#00014673]

Hey Thanksomuch! I am wickedly in love with you...can we
have babies? I'd love that! The swingsets and the dog named
Muffy...they'd all fit in nicely with your plan to take over
the world...seriously.


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-13 00:21 [#00014674]

I like pouty lips...and large breasts.


ross on 2001-07-13 02:24 [#00014690]

Hi thanksomuch! it's cool to see a female aphex twin
fan..most of the girls i know would never get their head
around richards stuff *sigh*


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-07-13 02:41 [#00014694]

naphex-male: you dear sweet thing, you, i am sorry to say i
am quite taken. but, i shall entertain you with this: yes
yes! oh please take me! let us move to some third world
country where we can rule, and slowly build a great nation
that will some day be ruled by the many sons i shall bare.
and we can have horses, and drink tea and eat buiscuts on
the patio of our giant castle..... *sigh* it will be
beautiful! (how's that?)

ross: i hardly know any gals that can handle Aphex. i played
"milk man" for a friend of mine, and she was insulted. i was
like "isn't this FUNNY??" and she simply said "no.".... i
don't understand it. most people don't know he's just taking
the piss.


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-13 03:33 [#00014708]

That would be perfect thanksomuch!
Hey Ross: when do you turn 19?


ross on 2001-07-13 03:38 [#00014709]

thanksomuch: similar experience with milkman..this one girl
last year was extremely offended by the lyrics, most people
find it really funny, but i guess it varies..
naphex- i dont turn 19 til January 25th, 2003.......aaaaaa,
i hope you're still around then, maybe we can go to shows?


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-07-13 03:57 [#00014711]

ross: sad, really.. i wish they (ladies) could just
appreciate it for what it is...

naphex: wonderful. i am packing my bags as we speek.


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-13 07:27 [#00014729]

thanksomuch: Imma be waitin' with Polaroid camera in tow

ross: Hey mang! My birthday is on the 27th of January!
.....on January 25th 2003 I'll almost be 27!!!! By then I'll
be a successful "neo-mod" industrialite!!!...we can see
shows for sure!

thanksomuch: *wink *wink *nudge *nudge eh? No need for

smile! You love us....


Maury Povich on 2001-07-13 07:42 [#00014731]

You know the world has gone to shit when women are aloud to
use the internet. Women like music? that's bullshit, women
only like cooking, cleaning, and making babies. Whoever it
was that claimed to be a female that likes music, is
obviously just playing, joking around. Women that like
music, Ha, and I suppose that women have a right to make to
life too, Ha.


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-13 07:52 [#00014734]

Ahh ha ha ha!


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-13 08:25 [#00014742]

haha... ok well.. yes.. females...... yes....


thanksomuch from over here on 2001-07-13 19:23 [#00014989]

Maury Povich : yes yes.. you've cought me.... i only like
what my male figure dictates. oddly enough i work in a
kitchen, and as my boyfriend puts it "i am glad you have
finally found your rightful place, amounst stoves and
burners...." ahh, he is a great man.

naphex-male: wonderful. we shall escape soon! *kiss kiss*


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