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milk man

Dave k from Canada on 2001-07-08 08:09 [#00013135]

what the hell is that guy saying in the beginning of milk
man? every time that song come's on i turn it up and try to
figure it out, my frend aron says it's somthing about
squeezing a zit or somthing but i don't know, just the
outher night i woke up at like 4:00 in the morning so i put
on my headpnones and started to listen and when that guy
started to talk it freaked the hell out of me because i was
all tired and out of it and i thought the guy was saying
somthing like "im gonna sneaking into your room and cut your
fucking arm off" or somthing like that.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-08 10:13 [#00013155]

from the IDM lyrics site (by Carth):

"it popped? out like a mother fucker he used his fingertips
and he squeazed
x x x x x I got it and then? I x? was like fucking? this x?.
And I, I said
suck. fucking x x x I I fuck it good time? cock?. x x x x x
it jerked on my?
fucking cock? and I said thats good. I said to myself thats
fucking good."


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