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StuFFed ANiMaL

Justin Schiz from USA on 2001-07-08 02:20 [#00013091]

Yo, Im a big Aphex Twin fan (duh) so be a nice sport, and

thank you


thanksomuch from the headmaster's worst nightmare on 2001-07-08 02:53 [#00013092]

lord..... you tire me!


M m M m on 2001-07-08 06:38 [#00013110]

Hi, thanks for posting. I'm sorry that the Lord tires you,
Thankssomuch, but this doesn't have anything to do with the
original post. I'm not an advocate of staying on topic
though, so it's ok. Does the lord tire you by teathering you
and having an eagle eat your liver every day, after which it
grows back again only to be re-eaten?

Take- This didn't really sound ambient, more like minimal,
but I hate the thought of classifying music into tidy genres
anyway, and I understand that they make you. This was my
favorite of the 3 I heard.

nimanem- This song was probably visualised to be complexity
trying hard to contain itself, but nevertheless showing
itself amid the simplicity. It is an idea that has been
tried by many people, but wasn't done very well here in my
opinion. The simplicity was composed of only three
repetitive musical notes. The complexity wasn't complex

everything- This song was probably better than the previous
one. It actually sounds sort of conventional, like a lot of
similar stuff I've heard. I like the turn it took at 1:50.
This part was a better listen, the beginning sounded like it
was suffocating from too many ideas at once.


M m M m on 2001-07-08 06:41 [#00013111]

I'd be interested in your feedback as well.

I suppose my comments weren't very positive, so this is your
opportunity to reflect my insults back at me with increased
velocity, nailing me in the forehead and rendering me
unconscious. That would be fun.


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