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Aron? from Canada on 2001-07-07 19:40 [#00013025]

Lately I've been listening to alot of Prefuse73. I think
it's really really good!
I can't wait for his album to come out in North America.

What does everyone else think about Prefuse 73?


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-07 19:43 [#00013026]

I've been listening to them alot as well lately..Not bad. I
like their heavy sound...!


Dave k from Canada on 2001-07-07 21:29 [#00013036]

i have never herd them maby i should flip on the ol kazaA
and give it a listen.


Dave k from Canada on 2001-07-07 21:30 [#00013037]

i have never herd them maby i should flip on the ol kazaA
and give it a listen.


leftrightronic on 2001-07-07 22:18 [#00013057]

i like prefuse73 as well, but then my friend told me about
machine drum which i think rivals prefuse, maybe even


H3XAN3 [C6H14] from Melb. on 2001-07-08 10:06 [#00013152]

yeh, their the shit! i've only listened the audio clips at
warp and it sounds wicked. definitely getting it when it
arrives here


leftrightronic on 2001-07-10 02:10 [#00013567]

blacklist is a great track


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-07-10 05:36 [#00013585]

I've only heard one track (Point to B) and I love it. I have
to get more of their stuff.


fleckothegecko from confield on 2001-07-10 06:06 [#00013590]

yeah its awesome. black list and life.death are great, my
favorite is smile in your face. its what ive been looking
for in hip hop.


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