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Cylob- "lobster tracks"

M m M m on 2001-07-07 07:33 [#00012966]

HIGHLY recommended. But don't take my word for it, aphex
sure can pick him. By reading his interviews, I've found out
about squarepusher and now cylob. This is one of my new
favorite artists. It's a nintendoish ep of happy songs that
sound like they were made by a lobster dj. The sounds are
weird melodies like funny little man only without vocals.
There is a, however, a very short track at the end of the cd
where he makes a little annoying commercial about calling
some number, just for fun, and it had funny vocals. I also
bought squarepushers go plastic, but that album is sucky
compared to cylob's.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-07 10:26 [#00012989]

Lobster tracks isn't cylob's best work. Get Living IN the
1980's single, and cylobian sunset.


radiowerkshop from canada on 2001-07-07 19:13 [#00013024]

i love everything that he has done cylob is a damn genious
in his own. and that last track on lobstertracks is his old
answering machine message


M m M m on 2001-07-07 21:43 [#00013046]

I wonder if he had that OTHER track on his answering
machine... "Hello, you have reached the premium UK gay chat
line. To begin using this service please leave your name
after the beep." (cheesy commercial jingle included)
I also goy cylobian sunset, it was on backorder. I didn't
really go for living in the 1980's, it's a completely
different style.
One thing he does in lobster tracks to make it good, is he
composes in "squares". I mean one section will all be
similar and then another section that is a bit different
from the previous section will be put after. It's sudden
change, not gradual like autechre. Aphex does sudden changes
too like in Funny littlt man and "4".


hevquip from a nefarious pirate ship on 2001-07-08 03:21 [#00013095]

cylob is very good. in an interview with aphex twin, he said
cylob was working on some new stuff. i really hope so. if
you like cylob, you should check out his other stuff under
the name kinesthesia.


M m M m on 2001-07-08 06:10 [#00013106]

THanks, I'll check that out definately. I love this album
(lobster tracks) more every time I hear it. It has a nice
package too. It's a short and sweet little ep, and the
lobster drawings make it feel like that little lobster dude
is dj-ing, it's a really cool feel. (I just found out the
drawings were made by chris cunningham) That guy gets his
artistic mits into all sorts of nooks and crannies, lucky


RECYCLE from roca,ne on 2001-07-08 16:48 [#00013189]

cylob is wonderful


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