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the aphex effect

guilt from college, US on 2001-07-07 01:25 [#00012936]

After reading many of the old threads I've come to realize
that a lot of what I thought only I got out of Aphex Twin
(above any other musician) is actually fairly common. I'm
speaking of the gut wrenching that RDJ manages to do; I get
this "feeling" from almost anything he's done, other people
cite fingerbib alot, and sometimes girl/boy.

Has there been any discussion about what it is that makes
this so common? I don't think n'sync is getting this kind of
reaction out of anybody, and I don't think anyone (bach,
floyd, coltrane, et al) ever has.

My two theories are:
a) His fan base is consistantly of a higher grade. Idiots
and numb-nuts can't listen to this stuff, its beyond them.
Far too intelligent and heartfelt for their poor little
intellects. Thus those that do make comments are more likely
to make intelligent and heartfelt comments about more
intelligent and heartfelt reactions.

b) RDJ has somehow managed put something more then sound
into his music. I'm a materialist myself, but if one thing
could convince me of the exhistance of a real soul its Aphex
Twin's effect on many people. Heh, but prolly not.

c) last options. He's just that good. A mush of options a)
and b); by creating music and putting all of himself into it
he manages to get more out. By running around naked in his
music he gets our reactions as bare as possible without them
being to our own experiences.

anyone agree or disagree? or think I'm off my rocker?



|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-07 01:45 [#00012941]

No I think your somewhat right about some things, its hard
to tell really. Because we only see, and feel what OURSELVES
do.. in actuality, ofcourse this is true right? We can only
be ourself. So, with this in mind.. I mean maybe the NSync
peolpe do feel the same way, and see everyone else as being
nieve and lame because we don't get the appreciation for
their fav tunes, its all opinions, and unfactual. I tend to
agree with you somewhat, [a little], because I enjoy AFX a
hell of a lot, that is a biased opinion. So, whatever.
Anyone could argue anything, forever. I love AFX, and
appearntly so do you. I don't try to anylize it. Its just
good. Your not crazy.


The Grey Gentleman from Eugene, OR on 2001-07-07 02:18 [#00012947]

You're off your rocker.

Some people feel the same about those other bands you
mention, especially Pink Floyd.

Contrary to popular belief around here, RDJ is not the
second coming of Christ, he's just a damn good musician that
makes great noise/music. I mean, I'm sure "Crappy Live At
Roskilde" affects the same as me (great mental beatdown).

Different strokes for different folks. You make it sound
like only highly intelligent, advanced extraterrestrials can
grasp or comprehend RDJ's music. That's rubbish. You can say
the same about Yanni or Vangelis

It's a matter of taste, not super-psychic powers.


ross on 2001-07-07 02:25 [#00012948]

i have to agree with the last post on other musicians
having an amazing effect other than rdj...floyd, bjork and
tori amos give me that feeling from their does rdj


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-07 03:22 [#00012951]

Well yeah he is not the second coming of christ, no one says
that around here, and you shouldn't take it that way, cause
its not true at all.

There are many other artists that make me feel good.


guilt from college, US on 2001-07-07 04:29 [#00012953]

I'm not saying that other musicians don't inspire great
feeling as well as Aphex Twin does; its just that the way
Aphex Twin gets to me (and, per the initial question,
hopefully others) is more raw and direct then anyone else
and far more consistant. I've got 20-some cds each of Pink
Floyd and RDJ and while Pink Floyd is absolutely spectacular
they've never gotten inside my head the way Aphex Twin's
stuff does.

I understand the "different stokes for different stokes"
jazz far more then you probably imagine I do and I do give
many other artist their deservant respects but my initial
commect/theory still holds: that RDJ puts more of his raw
feelings directly into his music then most any artist has
ever been able to and anyone who really pays attention and
has the capacity to recognize it does so.



clobe smith from over here on 2001-07-07 04:47 [#00012955]

i don't know if it is intelligence. i have many a friend
that are quite smart (much smarter than me by a long shot)
who do not understand how i can listen to this "noise." i
think it's just a matter of being open minded and what your
paticular tastes are.

(oh, and by the way, what floyd did for me in high school,
aphex twin does for me now.)


boxrocket from here i am on 2001-07-07 06:19 [#00012961]

correct me if i'm wrong here, but i think what quilt is
saying is that while many other artists inspire and move
people, and do require some intelligence to appreciate them,
aphex does so in a way unlike anyone else, and the way he
does it seems to be the same for everyone (that gut
wrenching feeling). i know the first time i heard rdj it
almost made me feel sick even though i loved it, and it took
a long time before i could handle to listen to the entire
come to daddy album all the way through. now it doesn't
twist my guts so much as it feels like it's tweaking my
brain. i'm not sure i could handle to listen to a lot of
aphex if i was on lsd. his music does seem to fuck with yer


guilt from college, US on 2001-07-07 07:24 [#00012964]

exactly; I couldn't have (and didn't) put it better myself.
The first time I put in the RDJ album, which was also the
first Aphex Twin I'd ever heard, I really felt sick to my
stomach just in the first 10 seconds. The dissonance, the
rapid fire beat, the sweet melody, the shrill ostinato, it
all hit me like a brick. I'm not mentally unstable and I
wasn't going through any "hard times" so its not like I was
looking for a vent, I was just listening, and yet I can
still remeber the first time I head it to this day. No one
else has every been able to get that kind of reaction out of
me, esp. on a first listen.

Its this "gut wrenching" that raises my curiosity, and the
way he does it fairly consistantly. I listened to a lot of
different kinds of music and several of them do get
emotional responses out of me, but never as intense.

Maybe if some people have experienced the wrench (tm) from
other artist as well as RDJ we can try to see if there is a
definite source or at least some consistancy.

As for me, the only thing that I can think of is a small
part of Haydn's Symphony No. 80 in D Minor, but its a far
cry from the wrench (tm)

guilt (not quilt ;)


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