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Bottom of the Pops. . .

Chimp Systems from Millwangle on 2001-07-06 15:28 [#00012828]

What's everyone's least favourite aphex trak? Mine has to be
that horrible one where he's just screaming over a distorted
drumbeat on the B-Side of Analogue Bubblebath 4. Gentle
Jesus. It makes my teeth itch.


-=[mCp]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-07-06 15:33 [#00012829]

Yeah, that's "Elephant Song"!

It's so shite. But "Aphex Airlines" is worse I think.


Chimp Systems from Millwangle on 2001-07-06 15:38 [#00012830]

Is that the one with the planes crashing. AFX reckons he
tried to give that to Virgin Airlines for an ad. I don't
believe even he's got that much nerve. . . That one early on
in Ambient Works 2, the one that sounds like a fucking
haunted warehouse following you around, I hate that fucker
as well. I went to sleep to that album once and had evil
fucking dreams bcuz of all the freaky mongy ghost trax on


Scary Bear on 2001-07-06 16:28 [#00012852]

I like Elephant song. Yeah but it isn't his best. Mine would
actually be bucephalus bouncing baLL. still streaks in front
of anything on MTV except for Pyramid Song. I reckon.


rF : rob fragilenine from here on 2001-07-06 16:48 [#00012860]

those TTQ and QQT remixes on classics... they piss me off...
or probably that evil shower track on AB3


dirty little bitch on 2001-07-06 16:52 [#00012862]

i think 'milkman' is really stupid.


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-06 16:55 [#00012867]

Almost the entire ab3 pisses me off !

When he uses those noises that hurts your ears i hate it.
Like in Donkey rhubarb theres this ugly ass noise troughout
the song. has anyone else noticed this!? pisses me off....


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-06 16:57 [#00012868]

Ventolin is pretty...loud....


Chimp Systems from Millwangle on 2001-07-06 16:58 [#00012870]

AB3 is bollocks. I think he might have been seeing how far
he could push his fans with that noizzze shit . . . Urgh.
There's a track like that on the last Squarepusher 12" -
just a long droning noise with no melody or rhythm. It's
like, errr . . . yeah, well done.


\\\\/\\\\/ooƒerAttack!!! from Milan on 2001-07-06 17:07 [#00012877]

"TTQ & QQT" on Classics.
"Ventolin" on ICBYD
"Come To Daddy (Mummy Mix)"
"The Garden Of Linmiri" Caustic Window
"Bit" on Hangable Autobulb Vol. I
"Knievel" on A.B.B.4



Kenchie from wish I knew on 2001-07-06 20:41 [#00012902]

I was just thinking about this today, interestingly enough.

Aphex Airlines


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-06 21:28 [#00012911]

I like it ALL I think if I was going to make the least
favored track right now it would be... uhm... Windowlicker?
But I still like that song a lot. So yeah I go on defense

AB3 is fucking wicked. Its great, I don't think he was
trying to puch anyone with his instrumental antics, its

The TTQ and QTT Mixes on Classics, and sweet ass, and show a
bit different side of RDJ.

Ventolin, now.. this is a GREAT piece of work, I love the
loud. I love the cringing, its so... atmospheric, and
paranoid. Oh.. I love it.

Elephant song, its not too great, but its pretty cool,
especially to wake up in the morning too! I knew a 27 year
old guy who likes AFX and he likes to wake up to that song.

Yeah.. over all I like a lot of AFX.. A LOT. Iam a huge ass
fucking fan of his. And I doubt that hes done anything that
I don't like, or don't find interesting.


Aron? from Canada on 2001-07-06 22:12 [#00012913]

Ventolin pisses me off alot!


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-06 22:52 [#00012914]

Analogue Bubblebath 3 (not to confuse with
3.1) is really good. I like a lot of tracks. Some of my
favourite tracks are from this album.

The first AFX track I actually heard/noticed/liked was href=""
from Best of Trance 2

Sorry for the off-topic jump. This topic is about
"impopular" AFX-tracks.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-06 23:08 [#00012918]

Yes phobiazer0: but you see, I try and defent these
wonderous tracks. the one you speak of is great.


Scary Bear on 2001-07-07 01:01 [#00012933]

Only recently I have started to apreciate Ventolin so much
more, I think it wins the longest-acquired-taste track. It's
coz I couldn't accept the fact I hated it for so long I have
listened to it over and over agin and now I like it. It is
still te best track to piss my roomates off with for sure.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-07 01:39 [#00012938]

Scary Bear: Ventolin is a great album, if you have only
heard some of it, hear it all, its actually very
interesting, and quite brilliant.


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-07-07 09:43 [#00012979]

QTT and TTQ remixes are the only Aphex tracks I least like.
Not that I hate them or anything but there the songs I least

Off topic:
I played Ventolin to my parents and they actually liked it!
They would never try to go out of their way to listen to it
though :)


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-07 10:22 [#00012986]

Yeah when Im up in my parents "Area" I played them some SAWI
stuff and the thought it was neat.


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-07-07 10:50 [#00012991]

I am suprised that my mum doesn't like slow ambient music,
well, I mean REEEEALy slow, formless stuff.

I haven't exactly heard most of Aphex's stuff like ABB3, but
at the moment I would have to say Alberto Balsalm is my
least favourite.


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-07-07 12:21 [#00012993]

Ventolin is good, but if your walking around or sitting next
to someone with your md playing it they ask "Why are you
listening to crickets" >:(

I HATE the end of Funny little man, its just garbage that


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-07 12:22 [#00012994]


alberto balsalm is so good! I must correct, there is one
good track on ab3, wich is the one phobiazero is talking
about. but i cant stand some of the other tracks really.
Ventolin is in itself annoying, but the remixes (Espically
cylobs) are quite good.


rF : rob fragilenine from here on 2001-07-07 14:49 [#00013004]

To me, the good tracks on AB3 are:
1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9


guilt from college, US on 2001-07-07 17:37 [#00013008]

I'm gonna sort of second REFLEX and say there isn't a single
thing that he's done that I don't appreciate or at least
enjoy. Of course, ventolin freaked my shit out the first
time I heard it the elephant song was a little weird as well
but I've come fond of both of them. AB3 is one of my
favorite entire albums (I found it at Best Buy of all

He's experimented with a lot of different kinds of sounds so
if you aren't open the many genres of electronica then hes
bound to foray into some where you don't like.

One think I read in read that did confuse me though, is
someone mentioned AB3 then said "(not to confuse with 3.1)."
Whats the dilly with that? I have the one from the
discography and haven't ever heard of (I don't think) or
seen (I'm for sure) an AB3.1.



rF : rob fragilenine from here on 2001-07-07 18:03 [#00013011]

AB3.1 (i think) is the red EP with the "women's toilet" logo
on it. I has a few different tracks on it i believe.

SAWII freaked me out so much when I bought it that I
returned it to the CD shop. Now I regret it, because it's
gone up in price since! Maybe I didn't like it because:
A: It was my second AFX album purchase (first being
B: I didn't notice the subtleties (ie. I thought it was
C: I only listened to it once and didn't allow it to 'sink
in' like other AFX albums.

In case everyone was wondering, the price of SAWII where I
live (australia) is $48 (aus)... Steepy steep...


João Evangelista from Portugal on 2001-07-07 18:21 [#00013012]

Some songs on SAW II are horrible, just like: everything you
have learnt along your entire life just vanishes away. This
doesn't mean all the songs on SAW II are this bad. Some of
the songs on this album are excellent.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-07 18:25 [#00013013]

quilt: Analogue Bubblebath 3.1


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-07 21:28 [#00013035]

AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 3.1 where can I order or buy this?
Anyone got any mp3s?


leftrightronic on 2001-07-07 22:27 [#00013059]

when anyone is experimenting with new sounds it's usually
going to be a hit or miss sort of deal. but i think aphex
has really evolved into so many different things, and songs
that you may not like might be some of his favorties..
personally, i like pretty most all of his work because it's
unique to me, and thats a rare thing to be said about any
musician especially with the amount of material rdj has


leftrightronic on 2001-07-07 22:29 [#00013060]

er "i like pretty much most all of his work" too :/


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-07 22:33 [#00013062]

I still need someone with AB3.1 argh!


Leelia from shit on 2001-07-07 22:53 [#00013065]

Ventolin is really good.

Elephant song has a good drum beat, but the elephant sound
is horrible, really fucking bad.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-08 00:11 [#00013070]

3.1 is not particular rare. Got it on vinyl.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-08 00:46 [#00013072]

Hmm........ I wonder if.. you can get it on CD huh? I doubt


4 on 2001-07-08 01:09 [#00013081]

"Vas Deferenz" from donkey rhubarb is fucking awful.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-08 01:12 [#00013082]

No, 3.1 was released on vinyl - exclusive.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-08 01:14 [#00013084]

btw, the tracks on 3.1 are pretty much the same as on ab3 -
except for the last track (known as B3) on side 2.

...still need to encode that one for the EXPLORE-section.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-08 01:43 [#00013087]

Phobiazer0: yeah that would be cool, then I can hear it.


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