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Not help-phobic

Scary Bear on 2001-07-06 00:27 [#00012610]

Phobiazero: I was just looking at the credits and noticed
that a few kind randomers (for all I know, you might know
them) have helped out with your site.

I am here a lot, I don't always post messages but while
having an infinite connection to the internet at college I
spend many nighs looking around.

Anyway, completely irrelevant shite back there, what I
actually posting this new topic for is to ask if I can help
out in any way to make this site better?

(I don't know if there is anything you need doing, I'm not
that big on Flash and I have never run a big ste like yours)
But would be glad to help out nevertheless, credits or no


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-06 21:14 [#00012907]

I'll try to figure out a plan. Maybe I need someone who
arranges contests etc on a regular basis... I'll let you all
know when I have to recruit people.


Scary Bear on 2001-07-07 00:44 [#00012929]

Well U know what my email adres is if U want me...


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