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ring modulators?

hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-05 20:08 [#00012542]

i was wondering what they are. i suppose they make noise
like a pulse or are a type of effect? are there any other
type of modulators?


viva debris from on 2001-07-05 20:29 [#00012543]

A ring modulator multiplies the waveforms of two tones to
create many new tones that were not present in either of the
original waveforms. Good for creating sort of unpitched
clangorous metallic type sounds such as bells etc. Many
other things may be used to modulate sounds. Really, to me
modulate means modify. If you take a tone and run a sine
wave thru it, it goes up and down like a air raid siren.
Thats a simple modulator. Hope that helps. BTW a ring
modulator is one of the coolest sonic playthings one could
have to mess with. The old English synth "The Putney or
VCS3 had one of the best to be found. Eno's old machine in
the early Roxy Music days.


5is6 from +-=0 on 2001-07-05 22:22 [#00012561]

Viva debris, can you recommend the best ringmod plugin
available please?


Wizard MaC from Grijpskerke on 2001-07-05 22:46 [#00012569]

I don't know the best plug-in, but RingModulators RULE!


viva debris from arizona on 2001-07-06 17:08 [#00012878]

Can't help with the plug in's as I don't use Virtual synths.
I know most of the virtual modular synths have one as a
module, but stand alone plug in, who knows? Many of the
"real" modular synth manufacturers offer modules for around
$350 american. This way you can run guitars, vocals, drums,
pretty much anything. I thought of a good example of a ring
mod sound. At the end of the Cartoon series South Park at
the end of every episode the guitarist for Primus goes from
a chica chica rythm sound to a wierd atonal series of notes.
Thats a guitar application of ring mod. Electro
Harmonix(american fuzz box manufacturer) used to make a
really sweet and simple one but might be hard to find today.
Check your pawn shops...


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