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really downbeat/good chilling music

Ross on 2001-07-03 21:19 [#00012061]

I'm making a mix of a variety of stuff...mouse on mars,
avalanches, radiohead, etc. and i need some really downbeat
(but not sleepy) and or nice summer driving music...I
usually make weird mixes, but i'm going to let my friends
listen to this in their cars, so i'm trying to make it
somewhat fun..any suggestions besides nightmares on wax (not
too into them, though ill prolly put one or two tracks)
..any upbeat or other tracks would be nice too, thanks!


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-03 22:12 [#00012075]

Hey Ross what's new? Did you enjoy Radiohead? My friends
said it was great"Chicago" by Zootwoman is good.......


Ross on 2001-07-03 22:15 [#00012077]

it was excellent..definitely the best show ive ever
witnessed..ill download that song..thanks!


Chilled from Buh>? on 2001-07-03 22:21 [#00012083]



Ross on 2001-07-03 22:33 [#00012087]

ooh i have that on my comp i think, nice song..


japes from London on 2001-07-03 23:09 [#00012091]

Wagon Christ's Musipal album on Ninja Tune is
basically summer on a disc.

Also, some nice jazz kissed techno and drum'n'bass can be
orgasmically laid back.


Kenchie from over the hill on 2001-07-03 23:50 [#00012097]

Try Alpha


Ross on 2001-07-04 00:58 [#00012110]

cool, i hear they're in the vein of air..


evolume from seattle, washington, usa on 2001-07-04 01:00 [#00012111]

omni trio good chill downbeat

ween - chocolate and cheese
good driving summertime music for lsd tripping.


Siamese Twin from The Dark Side on 2001-07-04 03:09 [#00012134]

Plaid, Boards Of Canada, Omni Trio, Eno.


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-04 03:11 [#00012135]

You dun need LSD for Chocolate and Cheese! LOL but it is fun
to listen to when yer all fucked up on Mushrooms.....Listen
to Ween's "The Pod" on Acid!


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-04 04:00 [#00012136]

SUBLIME!!!!! = SUMMER!!!!!!


evolume from seattle washington U.S.a on 2001-07-04 05:35 [#00012145]

ween - the pod rulz!
i like the mexican food order song..
whats it called again?


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-04 05:56 [#00012148]

"Pollo Asado" is the name of it! Fucking hilarious!
"Hi....I would like a chimichanga with a basket of
"On my quesadilla I want guacamole...."

Other good songs from "The Pod" are, Pork Roll Egg And
Cheese, Molly, Captain Fantasy, Mononucleosis, Sketches of
Winkle, Demon Sweat, Can You Taste Waste?, Right To The Ways
and Rules of The World, Dr. Rock, She Fucks Me.....


Ross on 2001-07-04 07:04 [#00012170]

great suggestions..that ween skit is funny..i love boards of
canada very much so..perhaps i'll get some plone on this more question....I wanted to give my mix
variety, but i threw in 3 radiohead bsides and amidst a
clatter of cylob and fantastic plastic machine, it seems to
not fit, yet it's such good show host,
permenant daylight, polyethelene....should i put some
guitar-ish stuff like that, or stick to instrumental &
groovy shtuf?


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-04 07:05 [#00012171]

ROSS: you can put Sublime on there! Its guitarish stuff..
with some scratching.... acustic guitars and shit. Its
amazingnly chilled! Please.. put it on. Its PERFECT summer


Ross on 2001-07-04 07:21 [#00012179]

of course i know sublime, i've never been a HUGE fan of them
though..pretty good stuff..i use to dislike date rape (the
song) until i knew the ACTUAL aim behind it, which was to
promote the stupidity of people who do this (not to approve


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-04 07:23 [#00012183]

Ross^ Yes indeed you are correct. Ive never been a HUGE fan
either. But they are great summer music. For sure. The new
Plaid album is great too.


leftrightronic on 2001-07-04 08:16 [#00012187]

hmm, it just seems like if you're chilling with your friends
on a nice summer night, "weird" electronic music just feels
akward to have as background music (since it's mostly
instrumental and has all those blips and bleeps heh :),
unless your tripping of course or just really fucked up and
incoherent. though, a healthy blend of this and something
with ryhmes or vocals works quite well to fill the sonic
atmosphere. try stuff from anticon, jedi mind tricks,
anti-pop consortium, or quasimoto. quasimoto is the shit
btw; check out the song loop digga. these tunes carry
fresh, thoughtful lyrics and rhymes while combining
electronically-influenced beats on many of their tracks. do
check this stuff out..


Ross on 2001-07-04 08:41 [#00012192]

thanks! yeah i didnt want to scare my (girl)
good friend Jared seems to enjoy the electronic stuff i play
for him..


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-05 01:33 [#00012336]

There are also a few songs from King Cobb Steelie's "Junior
Relaxer" that you should check out as well Ross. There is
one song with some killer old school ambient scratching and
sampling....good funky shit.....


Ross on 2001-07-05 02:45 [#00012340]

the single off their new album annoys seems like a
take on triphop, but still too commercial and grating for
its own good..


Bn1 from New Zealand on 2001-07-05 03:41 [#00012342]

Kid Loco, Kruder + Dorfmeister and Fila Brazillia are
probably my 3 favourite downbeat music artists.

Also check out guidance, ninjatune and statra who all put
out really interesting downbeat music.


radiowerkshop from canada on 2001-07-05 03:45 [#00012343]


fun fun fun


sick on 2001-07-05 03:52 [#00012344]

put some jay-z on there


::praxis:: from beeeeep on 2001-07-05 06:54 [#00012352]

[some not-too-dismal portishead maybe? and something by
autechre for sure, maybe sometning more melodic like rae...i
always feel very zoned out but focused when drane2 by ae is
on too, brilliant track...and i know its cornball....but
underworld is great driving music, especially aquatic stuff
that stays upbeat like cherry pie or something. blowout by
radiohead might be good too....thats kindof random though]


evolume from seattle, washington, usa on 2001-07-05 20:31 [#00012544]

the new mogwai album is pretty chill too
if you are looking for some guitar stuff.
album is "rock action"

also, check out source direct
very soundtrack sounding drum and bass stuff.
maybe i already posted that though...
hmmm little edgy though.


ross on 2001-07-05 22:20 [#00012560]

new mogwai album is very nice, and underworld could be on
there (maybe born slippy, cuz it's always a favorite of a
lot of people) blowout by radiohead is a good track....


ross on 2001-07-05 22:23 [#00012562]

dj shadows what does your soul look like pt. 3 may work..


Scary Bear on 2001-07-05 22:59 [#00012570]

This might be too much of an obvious suggestion but I'll say
it just in case you don't know that Selected Ambient Works
by the AFX is very chilled out. Um yeah boards of canada,
I've got both of the DJ Shadow albums and they are both
fucking cool. But most will probably agree that Endtroducing
is better than Preemptive Strike.

You might want to check out Can (pretty much broken up but
one of the man lead singers to have been and gone, Damo
Suzuki, I have written to and he is a nice dude.) Can's Tago
Mago album is still one of my favourite all time albums,
most of ther stuff is from the 1970's but don't be put off,
they don't sound ANYTHING like you have ever heard before.

'Godspeed you black emperor!' (Yes that is the band's name)
have released some very wicked stuff. If you buy 'Lift yr.
skinny fists like antennas to heaven' which is their latest
album take some advice and listen to the whole lot before
you start jusdging it. All in all the double album ony has
four tracks but they last about 40 minutes or so, they morth
and change a hel of a lot.

John McEntire is one of the founders of Tortoise, follow all
the stuff he has been in an you will find that he is
definitly the brains beind a lot of projects he's done, he's
done a lot, follow him and you an't really go that wrong (In
my opinion).

You might want to check out tool though admitidly I only
heard the last track of the Lateralus album at a mates
house. It was amazing though, some people here can probably
give you some much more detailed info on what they like but
the are definitly worth looking into. Actually I think it
was the hidden track on Lateralus. I JUST CAN'T SHUT THE

Hope that's enough, I'm going to go and flood another ubject
with diarea I hope I helped.


Scary Bear on 2001-07-05 23:00 [#00012571]



Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-05 23:45 [#00012592]

The King Cobb Steelie thing...ya well...Junior Relaxer came
out in like '94. Since then their music has been poop. I'm
not even gonna bother giving their latest stuff a listen cuz
I dun really care about them at all anymore...Hey Ross,
Squarepusher is playing Sonar on Saturday...I was wondering
if you were going to this show...ticket price is a little
steep, but for some "different music to hit a Vancouver
venue", it might be worth it.....I was thinking of
going...let me know email me back if you wanna check it
out! Peace-Nathan


ross on 2001-07-06 00:04 [#00012602]

Nathan, im not 19! Scary bear..i've listened to the majority
of the artists you have there, i have both dj shadow cds and
the godspeed cd (excellent stuff) and love tortoise, only
have standards though..


ross on 2001-07-06 00:05 [#00012603]

oh yeah, Johns side projects...Isotope 127 or something? and
they did stuff with chicago art ensemble i think..


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-06 00:11 [#00012606]

Sorry Ross I forgot about the age thing...I just dun wanna
go to Sonar by me a Chicken Fried Arse!
haha! Later!


ross on 2001-07-06 01:20 [#00012613]

Ah man, i'd love to go with you, but damn these age laws!


evolume from seattle washington U.S.a on 2001-07-06 01:44 [#00012616]

i am going to the squarepusher sonar show in vancouver too!
see you there!
rock arse!


evolume from seattle washington U.S.a on 2001-07-06 01:45 [#00012617]

oh and squarepusher at sonar is on
tuesday august 7 d00d


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-06 05:34 [#00012622]

oops my bad Dood! Ya it's in August....can't go to
it...going to Area:1 Festival on the 2nd and then Roxy Music
the 3rd! damn!


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-06 05:35 [#00012623]

$$$$$$$ <--------PROBLEM!!!!


sick on 2001-07-06 05:48 [#00012625]

my parents are going to roxy, i would of went but, one they
didn't invite me, two eno won't be joining them


Naphex-Male from Vancouflex, Canada on 2001-07-07 00:37 [#00012928]

Ya Eno isn't gonna be there...but why would he at this point
anyway? haha!
He is doing his cottage life thing now...making tea and
talking to his cat. I love the stuff Roxy Music did after
Eno and Bryan Ferry had their differences...good upbeat
glammy-jazz-rock...I am gonna love this show....I am sitting
in the 5th row for this show! Stoked!


od from perth on 2001-07-07 07:28 [#00012965]

i dont wanna spam, well i am but i just uploaded a sorta
chilled amb track
with some relaxed beats and stuff, if you like.
called freedom [3] on
only if youre interested!


João Evangelista from Portugal on 2001-07-07 18:26 [#00013014]



João Evangelista from Portugal on 2001-07-07 18:26 [#00013015]



SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-07 18:58 [#00013021]

Go buy Plaid: Rest proof clockwork.

i´ve kinda neglected this album for a while, but i found
out just reasently that its quite good! espicially track 7
and 9.



|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-07 21:30 [#00013038]

The New Plaid album is CHILLED! Its great.


Dave k from Canada on 2001-07-07 21:36 [#00013044]

Well you can never go wrog with a little bit of good ol Bs
and if you want a mellow song for your frends get buddy by
bs 2000 your grama won't know what hit her!


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