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Yes/No - Breakfast Burrito 🌯

online recycle from Where is Phobiazero (Lincoln) (United States) on 2023-03-08 12:20 [#02625746]
Points: 38936 Status: Regular

Would you stab a breakfast burrito?

It’s a simple
Yes/No question.

Srry, there’s not 5 points for voting, but the few lucky
winners will receive prizes valuing up to $99.99.


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2023-03-08 14:04 [#02625747]
Points: 6105 Status: Regular

depends if it was lookin at me funny


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2023-03-09 07:27 [#02625769]
Points: 7309 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

that a no at any time of the day
ill think twice over some kind of taco though


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2023-03-12 09:39 [#02625814]
Points: 7309 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

ok, today im tempted
it almost noon though to be fair


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2023-03-12 21:01 [#02625825]
Points: 21883 Status: Lurker

it's just like... they steam a flower troitrilla, then lad'l
in scrambled eggs with cheese, bits of bacon and/or ham,
some veggies. typically. perhaps roll some salsa into the
center. wrap up with pro burrito skillz. resulting burrito
needs to be at least three inches diameter or gtfo of


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