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china taiwan

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-12-29 08:03 [#02623509]
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it does feel kind of like: place your bets. new years?
january sometime? washington has blammed their access to
semiconductors to be stuck at ten years ago. washington has
just jammed through a long-term aid package before control
of congress turns over to the wildlife, and beijing has
puffed up as if they didn't know washington did this because
do it now it likely won't happen; that ten billion is a very
vague longterm thing that was cobbled together in a hurry
due to political realities.

but, no, omg, capitalist pig-dog escalating, we must fighter
jet all over the neutral zone. then you get into the
logistics, that all this aid is authorized, but it still has
to get there, and that's kind of slow. that if they went in
on taiwan now the US would struggle to get what it's already
promised there in a timely manner, and the chinese can only
occupy themselves so long building islands out of human
excrement to extend their naval clams. i was nervous they'd
really shine it on and do something dec 7, and thankfully
they did not. my current concern is new years -- western
capitalist pig-dog new years -- after congress flips over
and paralysis sets in; the aid still slowly sailing in over
thousands of miles

and, really, if taiwan said, "fuck, yeah, we want to be part
of china," i would be sad, but it's their choice. but
they're not saying that and china is essentially trying to
declare an alternate reality, like their poop islands, and
though it's a deeply worrying gambit for them... odds may
just get worse from here on out. and that's why i worry.

i also half wonder if they're just rolling their eyes;
letting covid clear out their economically useless elderly
population to tighten things up. win-win, yes?


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2022-12-29 09:46 [#02623514]
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i remember a time where cars didnt need a microchip to run.
cant we just run the world on tech we already have?
or does the T1000 need it so badly?


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