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nancy pelosi

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2022-11-21 11:43 [#02622496]
Points: 24810 Status: Addict

i felt the need to try and capture this moment in a Fair
and Balanced way. i will miss nancy, but not because i like
her. she is like, essentially, the demon battle-axe that
watched over you in middle school and somehow just always
managed to be just enough in your business to get you on the
hook. that she was not making child pizza in an illicit
basement, but i do quite suspect... oh, she'd say something
a bit loud in her home office, and her stockbroker husband
would run to the computer to spin off a few trades. but
donald trump was terrified of her enough -- again, going
back to middle school -- that he sent a man with a hammer
after her, and it just got her stockbroker husband instead,
and he's made, i dunno, around 3% of what The Doland skirted
out of taxes by his properties inflating and deflating like
magic beans

so, i suppose

1) the right now needs a new boogeyman
2) there was no deep proper conspiracy but she was p. good
at the job of flipping the right out; will be missed


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