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bbc world service

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-12-01 05:59 [#02614324]
Points: 18725 Status: Addict

currently airing is an african girl with exactly the sort
of accent you're imagining fumbling her way through an
explanation about how she leaks poop, how when she got to
school she did not realize it was not normal to leak poop,
that the teacher thought she was shitting her so she beat
the crap out of her for leaking poop. i am not shitting you,
this be the mist they're airing right now

i'd tell you more, but i closed the browser tab after about
thirty seconds


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-12-01 06:05 [#02614325]
Points: 18725 Status: Addict

i usually just close it immediately when they're just
fapping over 3rd world tragedy porn, but in this case i was
just... what. what

i kept thinking: no, i must be hearing it wrong, it can't
actually be...

shit. it really is. my next xlt thred


online ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2021-12-01 08:37 [#02614326]
Points: 6692 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

its an evil ploy to make us stop watching the news and buy
more products placed in tv shows. says so on wikileaks.


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-12-01 08:54 [#02614328]
Points: 18725 Status: Addict

oh, i dunno. i did put it on still in the first place,
right? and kind of indicated this happens regularly and i
still bother?

with NPR and such. for-profit news, the for-profit part is
always a towering overseer in the background, even if the
individuals within do their best

they do these sort of interview/profile bits on all sorts,
like how the first mountain climbers out in yosemite in the
60s discovered a recently-crashed plane up in some mountain
like stuffed with thousands of kilos of weed

some stories are quite gripping. i imagine Leaking Poop Girl
is just supposed to be Gripping but also We're Journalists
And You Need To Know How Bad It Is

...i know, thanks. and it's not like they've provided any
reasonable course of action for me to address pelvic floor
issues in impoverished nations. hell, i'd worry about
feeding them first if i had a say

but i don't. and why fill myself with dismal shit i have no
control over? sounds like a recipe that would breed apathy
and depression equal measures. i guess i've learned to be
very decisive about shutting such things off -- 3rd world
tragedy porn etc

but i'm dragging this thread off topic. that i turned on the
BBC and some girl with a thick ethnic accent is all "i leak
poop" "i did not understand that leaking poop was not
normal" in her accent, and, i dunno, isn't this the job of
sky news [english fox news, yes?], or such? picking poo out
of peanuts?


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2021-12-03 16:57 [#02614402]
Points: 5586 Status: Addict

do they have the shipping forecast on there?


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2021-12-03 20:06 [#02614410]
Points: 5586 Status: Addict

tune out the fucking noise, listen just to the shipping
forecast, and think about all those optic fibres and
satellite links crossing the globe


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-12-04 04:35 [#02614426]
Points: 18725 Status: Addict

marketplace does a per-show report on the number of cargo
ships constipated off the coast of san fran?


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-12-10 07:46 [#02614574]
Points: 18725 Status: Addict

tonight i am hearing from a man from madagascar. he is
having trouble feeding his 12 children. in fact, he
continues, a few days ago, four of them died. it is not
clear if he started with 16 and now has 12 or started with
12 and now has 8. either way, given the child-bearing years
of a woman in this economic climate, dude is just blindly
maxing it out, then complaining about the cost? but, no,
some woman in the segment says, "i hope rain comes, because
if not, what happens to us, only Jesus Knows" and yeah the
problem here is probably catholicism; birth control is
against The Jesus


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