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do you think 'bob scrotum' is good for music alias?

offline hevquip from megagram dusk sect (United States) on 2021-10-14 23:10 [#02612724]
Points: 3174 Status: Regular

apply now to be in band:

worm wrangler
acid duster
xylophone repair tech

also need:

person to play kick drum
person to play snare drum

send betamax demos with $5 and a self addressed, self
stamped return envelope to my po box located at your nearest
blockbuster video store


offline mohamed from the turtle business on 2021-10-14 23:15 [#02612725]
Points: 30998 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

i can come and stick it up your ass


offline hevquip from megagram dusk sect (United States) on 2021-10-15 03:07 [#02612726]
Points: 3174 Status: Regular

sticking things in my ass is only part of my performance art
shows, not my musical act. you'll have to fill out a waiver
& different job application for that position. i will be
down at the fish market this sunday taking submissions. but
you must wear gloves when handing it to me.


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