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phone leg thigh strap hackers [1995]

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-08-10 08:09 [#02610628]
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i'm starting to feel a tug for a bit more than walking.
however, when i indulge the notion, crazy as it is, for me
to start running, i have to take my fone out of my pocket,
because otherwise it's at risk of ejecting itself onto the
tarmac. and i feel like kind of a tool running with my fone
in my hand.

i would feel like even more of a tool if i became one of
those people who wear their phone on their bicep or forearm.
this is not me. this is soccer mom sneaking the kid's
ritalin style. just no

instead, i think of hackers [1995] and dade has this kind of
thigh leg strap and it's just for his pager, kind of light
neon green. and this seems more like the shit i want.

the closest thing i could find on amazon was a pistol
holster, and i don't think i want to go running with that.

and that, actually, strange as this may sound, this is
actually a reasonable place to ask: where can i get
something like that?


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