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ampi max

offline mermaidman on 2021-07-22 12:17 [#02610056]
Points: 6460 Status: Regular

some facts about ampi max:
-fan of tony blair
-fan of israel
-obsessed with reddit
-closet gay


offline mermaidman on 2021-07-22 12:18 [#02610057]
Points: 6460 Status: Regular

did he rerturn to discord btw??


offline Tony Danza from hollywood on 2021-07-22 18:07 [#02610060]
Points: 2814 Status: Lurker

our gay(s) quit discord over fear that Facebook would buy it
and use the data to serve up ads for giant butt plugs the
size of fire hydrants


offline recycle from Where is Phobiazero (Lincoln) (United States) on 2021-07-22 18:21 [#02610062]
Points: 37787 Status: Regular

Richard approved


offline mermaidman on 2021-07-22 18:25 [#02610063]
Points: 6460 Status: Regular | Followup to Tony Danza: #02610060

there is only one gay afraid of that and that is


offline mermaidman on 2021-07-22 18:28 [#02610064]
Points: 6460 Status: Regular

in other words you're confusing the gays


offline mohamed from the turtle business on 2021-07-22 22:13 [#02610069]
Points: 30880 Status: Regular | Followup to Tony Danza: #02610060 | Show recordbag

your gays


offline mermaidman on 2021-07-23 00:29 [#02610076]
Points: 6460 Status: Regular

where all tony danza's gays at


online Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2021-07-23 00:57 [#02610077]
Points: 28254 Status: Regular | Followup to mermaidman: #02610076

please try and be more PC and use the proper accepted phrase
of "arse bandits"


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