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(SPAM) RIP w M w and freqy

offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2021-04-27 00:57 [#02608303]
Points: 3750 Status: Addict

and all the other good ol boys from 2003

fex section x (2:38)


offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2021-04-27 00:57 [#02608304]
Points: 3750 Status: Addict

sunday night:

50mg vaporized in GVG. If it wasn't a breakthrough, I don't
know what it was.

Within seconds of taking the third hit, putting the pipe
down and quickly turning off the lamp behind me, I exhaled
and the entire waking world obliterated into the moving,
blueish green semi transparent patterns that I have come to
associate with my few previous DMT experiences. DMT's
patterns move a lot more than psilocybin or LSD's patterns
do, for me anyway.

The movement coalesced into what was basically a ghost with
a white body, fluid in some places, rectangular in others,
and a white snowflake like head. It defied conventional
geometry. It had sinister looking downward tilted empty
holes for eyes (jack-o-lantern eyes), though I felt no
ill-intent from it. This creature did a slow feather fall,
slightly side to side, closer and closer to me. It exerted a
monumental pressure, an extreme intensity. The pressure, the
power output of this thing-- I cannot put into words. It was
somehow trying to communicate with me.

"Do you see it?!" It asked, but not with words.

I see it! I replied, but not with words.


I SEE IT!!!!!

At this point I had opened my eyes. I wanted to keep them
closed, but I could not. It didn't matter because open or
closed, the visuals continued exactly the same as they had
been-- no perceptible change whatsoever. "The entity"
continued its descent towards me, closer and closer. In the
peripheral of my vision, on the right side, was a misshapen
circle like portal that showed me something like a parking
lot... It was a window to some place familiar, but with the
creature slow-falling towards me, I couldn't really get more
than a sense of it, as it was dividing my focus.

As the creature finally landed gently on top of me, I
noticed it had a reddish, almost insectoid like mouth. The
pressure ceased, as it laid on top of me. It grabbed my head
(without any arms, mind you) and gave my hair a gentle
caress. It lowered its lips to mine and made contact...


offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2021-04-27 00:58 [#02608305]
Points: 3750 Status: Addict

a strange, alien kiss from beyond the void. It pulled back a
bit, and released some kind of multicolored rainbow
psychedelic juice directly into my mouth. There was no
flavor or physical sensation to the act that I can recall.

I was taken aback, but I wasn't afraid. All I said to myself
was "I hope this stuff isn't anything bad...." but again,
what I felt from the creature was closer to... compassion(?)
than anything else, combined with a strong urgency on its
behalf to SHOW ME SOMETHING. I don't know what.

I laid there for a bit, letting it do it's thing, and then I
sort of came to... my perspective shifted by what felt like
only a few degrees. Just a mild shift, but instantly all the
parts of this creature's body were actually shadows cast on
the ceiling from a light on my computer speakers (playing
Brian Eno- Ambient 4). It was like all the shadows in my
room had come to life to make that thing. That portal to
some strange parking lot? It was my alarm clock to my right.
The whole room was normal again-- though some oval shaped,
multi colored Lovecraftian thing was compressing and
expanding like an accordion as soon as I closed my eyes
again. It looked like a demented version of the moon
combined with a beating heart. This creature was neutral
though and didn't have anything it wanted to show me. It was
soon gone completely.

That all took place within the span of about 10 minutes.
Within 10 more I was completely sober, no euphoria, no
visuals, no odd thoughts. DMT is so fast and strong that I
don't really feel I can get any "work" done like I can with
other psychedelics. I can't play with it, can't compare it
to my sober self, can't really do anything but marvel in the
face of it. It's just an instant event that happens quickly
and dissipates quickly.

As to whether or not that creature was something real that I
was connecting with? I have no idea. It could easily have
been something real that I was channeling, tuned into like a
radio frequency-- but then again, maybe it was just the s


offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2021-04-27 00:58 [#02608306]
Points: 3750 Status: Addict

hadows on my ceiling all along.


online ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2021-04-27 08:18 [#02608308]
Points: 6692 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

be mindful embracing the otherworld,
not the place you wanna get stuck.
and keep on making tracks like this and fen funk.
they´re stimulatig my synapses!


offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2021-04-27 22:43 [#02608330]
Points: 3750 Status: Addict | Followup to ijonspeches: #02608308

You have to embrace it but restrain yourself from visiting
too often. That's my feeling anyway. Anything short of an
embrace makes it all dissonant and sketched out.

Appreciate the listen holms.


online ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2021-04-28 08:10 [#02608336]
Points: 6692 Status: Regular | Followup to Wolfslice: #02608330 | Show recordbag

still remember that track bit with
"...if theres an elf in front of you.."


offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2021-04-29 01:37 [#02608370]
Points: 3750 Status: Addict

Hah. That's The Elf Twist (2007)

Haven't visited that in ages. I think the last third is lazy
dogshit but the rest has a certain charm ;p


offline mohamed from the turtle business on 2021-12-14 10:19 [#02614739]
Points: 31122 Status: Regular | Show recordbag



offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2021-12-16 00:34 [#02614758]
Points: 3750 Status: Addict

Let the record show that I did NOT bump this 8 month old
spam thread, which effectively puts 3 tracks on the first
page. That's cx levels of spam.

But I will say I think this is my favorite track I made this
year overall.


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2021-12-16 00:48 [#02614759]
Points: 5855 Status: Lurker

it's nice stuff, the changeup in the subtle pads around 1:40
comes in just right. i could quite hear this being longer so
the boom bap structure could decay / destroy itself but it's
good as it is, doesn't outstay its welcome. think i've been
listening to nts sessions too much, heh


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2021-12-16 01:19 [#02614760]
Points: 30256 Status: Regular

Ashes to Ashes funky to funky


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2021-12-16 01:25 [#02614761]
Points: 5855 Status: Lurker | Followup to Hyperflake: #02614760

gashes to gashes, spunk to spunky


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2021-12-16 01:25 [#02614762]
Points: 5855 Status: Lurker



offline mermaidman on 2021-12-16 09:01 [#02614767]
Points: 7270 Status: Lurker

our spunk shall clash mid air


offline mermaidman on 2021-12-16 09:02 [#02614768]
Points: 7270 Status: Lurker

and rain upon our naked bodies


offline mermaidman on 2021-12-16 09:29 [#02614769]
Points: 7270 Status: Lurker



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