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Article on Drexciya

offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-02-28 20:11 [#02607755]
Points: 17183 Status: Lurker

on ars technica

i actually blinked and had to re-read it, wait, why is that
here? pleasant surprise.


offline mohamed from the turtle business on 2021-03-09 22:54 [#02607826]
Points: 30899 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

i read the url, afrofuturism just because he's black? not
black music


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2021-03-10 07:49 [#02607828]
Points: 6040 Status: Lurker | Followup to mohamed: #02607826 | Show recordbag

maybe we could ask a synesthesian about that.
i mainly visualize music in fabrics and surfaces so that
wont be helpful.

btw when is the first synesthesizer coming out?


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-03-10 07:58 [#02607829]
Points: 17183 Status: Lurker

sorry, eie y did u mean syb3trh3wqrhthesizpfizer?


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-03-10 08:03 [#02607830]
Points: 17183 Status: Lurker | Followup to ijonspeches: #02607828

please ask the guardiac LAZY_TITLE


offline EpicMegatrax from Greatest Hits on 2021-03-10 08:06 [#02607831]
Points: 17183 Status: Lurker

one, two, getdown

then the reverse drums

i have hand motions i sussed out going back ten years on
this song

but who care.s.s.ssss


offline Roger Wilco from Mo's Beans on 2021-03-12 10:40 [#02607834]
Points: 1349 Status: Lurker

An article on Drexciya determined to find something racist
about the reissues on, of all labels, Clone, seems to think
everyone else is as ignorant of Detroit and the originators.


offline Tony Danza from hollywood on 2021-03-12 17:35 [#02607835]
Points: 2855 Status: Regular

LOOOOOOL the comments on that article are great

Drexciya: our music is about drowned black slaves who
establish a futuristic underwater civilization

white music fans: no it isn't. shut up


offline Tony Danza from hollywood on 2021-03-12 17:37 [#02607836]
Points: 2855 Status: Regular

mermaidman get in here. your input seems relevant somehow


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2021-03-12 19:29 [#02607837]
Points: 5124 Status: Addict

>>Drexciya: our music is about drowned black slaves who
>>establish a futuristic underwater civilization
>>white music fans: no it isn't. shut up
I had this literal conversation with an indiegirl when i was
walking back home to her flat in autumn 2005


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2021-03-12 19:31 [#02607838]
Points: 5124 Status: Addict

don't let the truth get in the way of a good story, but
don't forget about the good story when you start lying


offline Tony Danza from hollywood on 2021-03-13 00:46 [#02607844]
Points: 2855 Status: Regular | Followup to steve mcqueen: #02607837

in this scenario were you Drexciya or was the indie girl
Drexciya or did you take turns


offline Roger Wilco from Mo's Beans on 2021-03-13 02:53 [#02607845]
Points: 1349 Status: Lurker | Followup to Tony Danza: #02607835

Does anyone say that though? I think the main issue in the
comments is that somehow Clone, who released Drexcyia
related projects in the first place, are somehow
whitewashing Drexciya. As if there's some untapped white
market out there for Drexciya without the black bit. Which I
find a stretch.


offline Roger Wilco from Mo's Beans on 2021-03-13 03:00 [#02607846]
Points: 1349 Status: Lurker

The way the article goes off, youd think they'd repackaged
Public Enemy as a fucking instrumental band.


offline dariusgriffin from cool on 2021-03-13 04:30 [#02607847]
Points: 11877 Status: Regular

Personally, i don't have any issues with the nationality of
the writer, and I don't think there's anything wrong with
the article per se.

But I do think it's perhaps a bit parochial, in a similar
way to how many video game articles tend to focus on what
was happening in the USA (and to a lesser degree, Japan,
given how much Nintendo dominated the US video game market
in the 80s), because the author's generally aren't aware of
what happened outside that market.

So we get things like 1986's Metroid being claimed as
featuring the first female protagonist, whereas Ant Attack
in the UK offered the option of switching between a boy and
a girl back in 1983. Or we get things like Namco patenting
their "load a game" mechanism on the PSX in 1995, despite
the fact that there was significant prior art on the C64 and
ZX Spectrum seven or eight years earlier.


offline dariusgriffin from cool on 2021-03-13 04:35 [#02607848]
Points: 11877 Status: Regular

you know i wasn't really on board at first but it's true,
british people really need to be bullied more


offline ijonspeches from 109P/Swift-Tuttle on 2021-03-13 23:06 [#02607855]
Points: 6040 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

maybe the recent attention on racism is a good time to
showcase the backstory. and the comic finally came out too.
guess thats good things in any way.

im rather obsessed with underwater themes in any artform.
for me thats one of the most vivid things about imagining
drexciya´s music. the sea is just amazing and i often think
if id ever move it would have to be about living by the
ocean. i have a strong urge to be close to it and i believe
humans are meant to live oceanside.


offline mermaidman on 2021-03-14 10:33 [#02607862]
Points: 6819 Status: Addict

lol i have to deal with your racism and politics in my


offline mermaidman on 2021-03-14 10:34 [#02607863]
Points: 6819 Status: Addict

my fav:
"Isn’t the Clone (or any other) label allowed to chose
their own artwork? In my humble opinion the minimalistic
style (read: no nonsense) of the Clone-Drexciya releases is
a quality piece of vinyl and including their own unique take
on what they (Clone) believe suits the music first. Artwork
with the blue ‘diver’ is just perfect; minimalistic, to
the point and above all ‘faceless’ (just like the
artists & music). Speaking of ‘Faceless Techno’, do you
know this ‘expression’? I didn’t read anything about
this in your article..which is about Techno & Drexciya,


offline mermaidman on 2021-03-14 11:11 [#02607864]
Points: 6819 Status: Addict | Followup to mohamed: #02607826

right? lol!


offline Roger Wilco from Mo's Beans on 2021-03-15 07:26 [#02607875]
Points: 1349 Status: Lurker

I cant believe Warp packaged The Other People Place album
(one of the best albums ever made) with a picture of a
laptop in a forest, rather than say, a 3D virtual-reality
style black power fist.


offline mermaidman on 2021-03-15 09:48 [#02607876]
Points: 6819 Status: Addict

the other people place ain't drexciya


offline mermaidman on 2021-03-15 09:49 [#02607877]
Points: 6819 Status: Addict

different project sorry


offline Tony Danza from hollywood on 2021-03-15 10:49 [#02607878]
Points: 2855 Status: Regular

black drexciya month?? why is there no white drexciya month


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