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Alec Empire

lowonice from FFM, Germany on 2001-07-01 09:36 [#00011624]

I come from germany (so I´ll do my best). Here my question:
Does anyone know which album or artist is similar (except
SAWII) to Alec Empires "Low On Ice" (especially the deep
beat/bass-lines on track1 and 7)???
Please, you are my last hope!!!


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-01 12:57 [#00011640]

Those really slow dubby tunes. i´d reckon some SQUAREPUSHER
is like that. Do you like AE´s other work as well?
personally i dig it all :)

and "Le cite de etoilles something french"

is quite good 2



lowonice from FFM, Germany on 2001-07-01 19:57 [#00011661]

I know (but I haven´t own them yet): "Generation Star Wars"
and this french sounding titel "Les Etoiles Des Filles
Mortes" are both ambient-albums. Am I right? But ... which
"Selection Sixteen" perhaps? I don´t know...


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-01 20:28 [#00011671]

Generation star wars, has all kinds of stuff, and id reccon
youd like it. some consider it his best album cause its so
diverse. Squeeze the trigger is good for the headbanger.
etoilles.. really weird. reminds me of some tracks from low
on ice.

squarepushers budakhon mind phone might suit your tastes..



lowonice from FFM, Germany on 2001-07-01 20:40 [#00011673]

Thanks. But another question: What do you think about Atari
Teenage Riot? Do they only want to provoke with their
"noise-attack"? Probably I hate these words, but has it
something to do with IDM or BRAINDANCE..?


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-06 17:05 [#00012876]

I really really dig atari teenage riot. the reason i got
into alec empire in the first place! I dont know if ATR
could be described as braindance or idm, but i certainly
like it. alec empires work is more IDM like if you ask

how famous are ATR in germany in the first place? are you a


Chimp Systems from Millwangle on 2001-07-06 17:16 [#00012881]

'Cry-Tuff Dub Encounter Vol. 3' by Prince Far-I is the
heaviest dub album ever made, mad heavy basslines, space
noises and abstract flutes and echoes . . . If you want it
slow and heavy I'd go with that. It's been reissued on
Pressure Sounds recently.


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-07 12:40 [#00012997]

ATR are not "Heavy" actually, they are just mental hardcore
fast shit!

how many knows them on this board!?

i´d like to know. anyone who dosnt is missing something!

if you like come to daddy´s aggresivenes, then you´d like



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