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offline digital messiah on 2002-04-19 02:40 [#00183508]
Points: 249 Status: Lurker

black dog - spanners


offline The_Funkmaster from St. John's (Canada) on 2002-04-19 02:41 [#00183509]
Points: 16280 Status: Lurker

for me right now it's SAW85-92... I think it's so good...


offline joey from montréal (Canada) on 2002-04-19 02:41 [#00183510]
Points: 1220 Status: Lurker

joey and the riboflavins: vitamin b2.


offline flea from depths of your mind (New Zealand) on 2002-04-19 03:15 [#00183539]
Points: 9083 Status: Regular

man that's the toughest question ever...


offline windowlicker from Nashvegas on 2002-04-19 03:16 [#00183540]
Points: 565 Status: Lurker

too hard to answer.


offline Ophecks from Nova Scotia (Canada) on 2002-04-19 03:21 [#00183543]
Points: 19190 Status: Moderator | Show recordbag

I think it's Drukqs. I think that's not a popular decision.

But SAW2 is pretty close... and a lot of Autechre album are
close... LP5 and EP7, Confield, Tri Repetae... and maybe
Music has the Right to Children is up there...

But Drukqs is the best!


offline aperson from Brentwood, TN (United States) on 2002-04-19 03:23 [#00183545]
Points: 1134 Status: Lurker

Mouse on Mars - Idiology


offline E-man from Rixensart (Belgium) on 2002-04-19 03:31 [#00183552]
Points: 3000 Status: Regular

afx - ab3
jega - geometry
aphex - drukqs
ae - lp5
[]< - feed me weird things
maybe astrobotnia... :)


offline flea from depths of your mind (New Zealand) on 2002-04-19 03:40 [#00183557]
Points: 9083 Status: Regular

that's not one!


offline cygnus from nowhere and everyplace on 2002-04-19 03:41 [#00183559]
Points: 11905 Status: Regular

autechre - gantz graf



offline revpersona from Plainfield (United States) on 2002-04-19 03:42 [#00183561]
Points: 3167 Status: Lurker

Bytes is better than Spanners, IMO.


offline cygnus from nowhere and everyplace on 2002-04-19 03:44 [#00183565]
Points: 11905 Status: Regular

aphex twin - the mp3 player he lost

thats a sure bet :)


offline Spookyluke from United States on 2002-04-19 04:14 [#00183588]
Points: 1955 Status: Lurker

I think I'm going to go with I Care Because You Do or Analog
Bubble Bath 3.


offline RobinsAlter-Ego from a suburban hellhole (United States) on 2002-04-19 04:15 [#00183591]
Points: 227 Status: Lurker

SaW II all the way.


offline RobinsAlter-Ego from a suburban hellhole (United States) on 2002-04-19 04:17 [#00183594]
Points: 227 Status: Lurker

or maybe MHTRTC..... shit, i dunno... if only "everything
you do is a balloon" were on MHTRTC, then it would be


offline MO2 from Minneapolis, MN (United States) on 2002-04-19 04:18 [#00183598]
Points: 321 Status: Lurker

RDJ Album


offline Quoth from Sweden on 2002-04-19 04:29 [#00183614]
Points: 3840 Status: Lurker

... I Care Because You Do is growing on me by the minute

I BLASTED VENTOLIN DOWNTOWN! HAH! it was so fucking great.


offline aneurySm from Ann Arbor (United States) on 2002-04-19 04:33 [#00183621]
Points: 1698 Status: Regular

Korn;s first album comes to mind


offline RobinsAlter-Ego from a suburban hellhole (United States) on 2002-04-19 04:42 [#00183632]
Points: 227 Status: Lurker | Followup to Quoth: #00183614


hee hee... thanks, quoth, for the idea


offline Spookyluke from United States on 2002-04-19 04:43 [#00183635]
Points: 1955 Status: Lurker

Ventolin rocks!


offline aneurySm from Ann Arbor (United States) on 2002-04-19 04:45 [#00183637]
Points: 1698 Status: Regular

ventolin does grow
i wish i could invite everyone over so we could watch the
video 25x in the row a row row row row your about


offline CORTEX from Canada on 2002-04-19 06:09 [#00183725]
Points: 3346 Status: Regular

in an objective perspective - ae - tri repetae ++

in a subjective perspective - ae - lp5


offline Amonbrune from Vancouver (Canada) on 2002-04-19 06:10 [#00183730]
Points: 7327 Status: Addict

Joey: I want some Riboflavin! :)


offline Taxidermist from Black Grass on 2002-04-19 07:06 [#00183824]
Points: 9958 Status: Lurker | Followup to CORTEX: #00183725

I don't think its possible to be in an objective
perspective, cortex :P

I'm actually inclined to answer this question with Richard
Devine's 'Lipswitch'. Its definately an aquired taste, but
its litterally the only cd I have which I have listened to
upwards of 200 times and don't ever find myself getting
bored of. Also, Lens, Align (the last track) is quite
possibly the richest, most haunting melody I have ever heard
in IDM.


offline Taxidermist from Black Grass on 2002-04-19 07:10 [#00183827]
Points: 9958 Status: Lurker

Jega's Geometry, Autechre's EP7 and Plaid's Rest Proof
Clockwork are also favorites of mine, and easily combine to
make up my the top 4 cd's of all time.

Orbus Terrerum by the Orb is my 5th favorite. |)


offline Archrival on 2002-04-19 07:11 [#00183828]
Points: 4265 Status: Lurker

Marvin Gaye - Whats Going On


offline Cheffe1979 from fuck (Austria) on 2002-04-19 07:34 [#00183833]
Points: 4630 Status: Lurker

RDJ album / Confield


offline nir on 2002-04-19 08:20 [#00183860]
Points: 77 Status: Lurker

this changes every sunday, but right this moment: plaid -
double figure (and pretty much anything else plaid has
done), for making that type of music so damn fun to listen
to, boards of canada - geogaddi, because it's perty, bola -
fyuti just cuz he's good, +one - bare necessities and push
button objects - dirty dozen, for proving music doesn't have
to be complicated to be great.


offline map from mülligen (Switzerland) on 2002-04-19 08:24 [#00183866]
Points: 3408 Status: Lurker

IDM Album ? what's that ?


offline lctroboy from Borås (Sweden) on 2002-04-19 08:25 [#00183868]
Points: 1705 Status: Regular



offline map from mülligen (Switzerland) on 2002-04-19 08:26 [#00183871]
Points: 3408 Status: Lurker

interactive doll masturbation ?


offline nir on 2002-04-19 08:27 [#00183872]
Points: 77 Status: Lurker

music that's sometimes intelligent, almost never danceable,
and often doesn't really qualify as music


offline Bob Mcbob on 2002-04-19 09:18 [#00183937]
Points: 9939 Status: Regular

im surprised you all consider an artisis album to be the
best idm..surely compilations would be better as they cover
a wider range?


offline nir on 2002-04-19 09:22 [#00183944]
Points: 77 Status: Lurker

no one took the question seriously. instead, we all decided
the question was "what album do you like the best?"


offline Bob Mcbob on 2002-04-19 09:24 [#00183945]
Points: 9939 Status: Regular

wel in that case...Req- Frequency jams :D


offline phunqie on 2002-04-19 10:57 [#00184019]
Points: 766 Status: Regular

in sides.


offline artemis from Ghent (Belgium) on 2002-04-19 11:56 [#00184075]
Points: 667 Status: Lurker

Hard as hell to make a choice.
"The philosophy of sound and machine"(ART/Rephlex)?
"Bytes" by Black Dog Productions?
"Objets d'art"(new electronica)?


offline bleep from Brussels (Belgium) on 2002-04-19 12:36 [#00184126]
Points: 49 Status: Lurker

Defenitely something by Autechre or APhex Twin but really
couldn't pick out "THE" best IDM album.


offline CORTEX from Canada on 2002-04-19 19:29 [#00184828]
Points: 3346 Status: Regular


i agree that it's impossible to be completely objective, but
it's possible to be somewhat objective. i shouldve written
"in my most objective perspective".

and i still stand by tri rep++ for this choice. it covers a
wide range of styles for a single release and the fact that
it's a double album (twice the number of tracks) can be
judge in an objective manner imo.


offline thethirdball from Polly Pisspot (Canada) on 2002-04-19 20:16 [#00184916]
Points: 1629 Status: Lurker

Autechre - EP7


offline Krendo from Leicester (United Kingdom) on 2002-04-19 20:17 [#00184919]
Points: 360 Status: Regular

Taxidermist, I really don't know what you see in Devine's
Lipswitch album. Admittedly the last track is brilliant in
it's way, but none of the other tracks have any music in
them. They're just beats and glitches. Does anyone agree?


offline Krendo from Leicester (United Kingdom) on 2002-04-19 20:18 [#00184920]
Points: 360 Status: Regular

Anyway, I think SAW II is probably the best 'IDM' album. But
do we have to use this dreadful acronym? It's just music.


offline Netlon Sentinel from eDe (Netherlands, The) on 2002-04-19 20:18 [#00184921]
Points: 4736 Status: Lurker

i'm curious as to devine's new cd


offline revpersona from Plainfield (United States) on 2002-04-20 01:50 [#00185358]
Points: 3167 Status: Lurker

Orbital-In-Sides is my fav. album of all time, but it's not


offline titsworth from Washington, DC (United States) on 2002-04-21 06:27 [#00186691]
Points: 14550 Status: Lurker | Followup to revpersona: #00185358

you don't find "the girl with the sun in her head"


offline Taxidermist from Black Grass on 2002-04-21 08:24 [#00186709]
Points: 9958 Status: Lurker

Almost everything about it. The fact that there is so much
going on, yet every single sound comes thru 'crisp'. The
fact that most sounds used never appear more than once.
Everything is so subtly arranged, yet the sounds are so
obnoxious. Its as paradoxical in nature as an album can get.
And after listening to it so many times I am always finding
new things in every listen.

Also, whenever I fall asleep to music, I analyze it. It
seems to slow down, and half the time I get confused and
think its stuff that I wrote (half asleep, right?). Anyways.
The first time I ever actually enjoyed a richard devine
track was when I accidentally burnt it to a cd, and without
realizing that it was there, I fell asleep with this
supposedly 'chilled' compilation disc. In the midst of my
mind doing the half asleep analysis thing... I came across
the lipswitch track, and it was the most fascinating
feeling. When I woke up I didn't really remember what I had
thought of during my falling asleep the night before... and
for a second night in a row I put the compilation disc on...
and it fully kicked in when the Devine track came around.
Half way through, I woke up fully, and started to remember
what I felt the night before, and then realized I had just
found one of the most brilliant ellectronic musicians
kicking. And from then on he has been one of my top 5
artists, and Lipswitch is with me wherever I go. Litterally.

Well, that is the best way I can discribe it. Sorry if that
came out as a mess, I have been awake all weekend.



offline Taxidermist from Black Grass on 2002-04-21 08:25 [#00186710]
Points: 9958 Status: Lurker

BTW, that rant was in responce to Krendo.


offline digital messiah on 2002-04-21 15:44 [#00187123]
Points: 249 Status: Lurker

taxidermist,im feeling you completely....i have that
sleeping-thru-music adventures almost all the time...

recently i love to sleep with YAGYA-RHYTHM OF SNOW....its
such an miraculous experience that it cannot be put to
words...somehow when i spend 2 hours sleeping with yagya,i
feel like i slept for 8 hours.....its
unbelievable......every time im tired,i do that,and im
completely different man when i wake up.......that sleeping
thru yagya has some sort of healing nature,and i love that

also great deal of music i liked better whwn sleeping,and i
found new sounds in them....
i must get that devine cd.....:)

everyone should try to listen to their favorite muzik while

its a fukin revelation!


offline The_Funkmaster from St. John's (Canada) on 2002-04-21 15:49 [#00187137]
Points: 16280 Status: Lurker






offline digital messiah on 2002-04-22 11:20 [#00188738]
Points: 249 Status: Lurker

cortex i agree that we cant be COMPLETELY objective,but its
not so hard to try ....cuz we can be objective,very
much,just not completeley.......uh, what a mess:)

anyway tri repetae is oneof those classic idm
masterpieces.....and it could easily be number one,its just
that i personally prefer spanners...


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