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Paying Rephlex For Napster Downloads

PETER PETER PUMPS KIN WITH HIS PEETER from North Pee on 2001-06-29 01:08 [#00011311]

If anyone from Rephlex is reading:

Do any of you folks have a Paypal account set up for
business use?

While I buy a lot of Rephlex artist albums, I still get
loads of their stuff off of Napster, and other online
sources. I understand Rephlex's stance and all, but where I
live, there's virtually no Rephlex material floating around
in the stores.

A lot of us understand you're a small label and all, and
that you need to make money to keep going. I think Napster
sucks (sucked?) for small labels, although I have a fairly
crap view of copyright, myself.

Why not entertain the idea of setting up a Paypal account,
and posting the addy on your website, so us pirates who
would like to *conveniently* support Rephlex, can.

I'll pledge $75-100 USD right now (email addy posted above)

Silly idea? Would others with vast collections of Rephlex
material on MP3 make "Donations"?

Or hell, maybe Rephlex should sell MP3 versions of their
album online, perhaps via Warp. People tend towards buying a
lot more when they dont have to even get their fat asses out
of the computer chair to instantly get the music they want.
I mean, the MP3s are out there already, anyways.

Rephlex-loving music pirate/paying customer who doesn't want
to see Rephlex go out of business,


Luke on 2001-06-29 01:40 [#00011317]

great idea since you can get rephlex cds only online 90% of
the time anyway, and never really in stores(10% for those of
you who are stoned,illiterate,etc)


poe from the uk on 2001-06-29 01:43 [#00011318]

I wanted a u-ziq t-shirt.....rephlex dont have em.... =(


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