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aphex in london?

mr. e on 2001-06-24 01:55 [#00010824]

anyone know of any rich d james appearances in london next
week? i\'m going there for the first time ever. i heard of a
weekly spot he was doing a while back, but what\'s his deal
now? what are some cool clubs with good tunes to go check


Earface from Henglund on 2001-06-24 11:34 [#00010847]

Check out Fabric, they do some cool jungle, and Unkle play
there some times.
There might be something cool on at the Fridge also -
Autechre have played there a couple of times, and they do
Um, Nesh nights have finished I'm afraid mate, Aphex used to
play at those.
If you check out the Electrowerkz Two anyway (Angel
Islington) you might find something cool - other than


Earface from Henglund on 2001-06-24 11:37 [#00010848]

O yeah, and if you're into really hardcore techno and gabba,
you have to check out a squat party. They're illegal so
you'll have to wait until ten o'clock to find out where it
is. There's a partyline you can call but I can't remember
what it is because my mates usually sort it out. Hang on,
I'll check out some websites.....


rubbish john from under your shoe - get off me! on 2001-06-24 23:34 [#00010881]

hello earface.
i've been to fabric a few times and each time i had a full
appreciation for the music (bangin'!), but i couldn't help
being a little uncomfortable on each occasion as it has
always been packed (really fuckin' rammed) when i've been
what's the fridge like?
i've seen some good shit advertised for it, but what is the
actual venue like and is it so popular that there is always
a ridiculous amount of people there?
i can't stand large crowds.


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