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Darkwave Electro Evolution

])avid Violence from Florida. on 2001-06-23 18:45 [#00010794]

Everything from Darkwave, to ambient, to , well, I don't
have to tell any of you fellas, you all know that good
Mr.James is quite the talent as far as variety takes us.
Say, I hope his next release is a bit more like
doddeccaheedron, and more of the dirtier, darkwave stuff.
Less happy, melodies from mars, and the such, and a bit
harder, and faster. Windowlicker was great, I want more. In
the meantime, I guess I'll settle for these fabulous artists
I suggest everyone check out....

-Plaid (this guy is also AMAZING)
-Squarepusher (of course, new album on JUNE 25! couple days!
GO! Plastic!)
-David Violence (Me!, I'm no genius, but I have quite a few
good creations up on the web, mostly remixes.)
-Primal Scream (neat, interesting stuff. Check out XTRMNTR)

Feel free to add your fav artists as well!


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-06-23 19:29 [#00010798]

Dodeccahedron's a good track. And SP and Plaid both kick

U-Ziq has done some dark stuff too -- just listen to Track 6
on "Lunatic Harness." It's called "Approaching Menace" for
those of you who'd rather look it up on Napster.


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