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Live webstreams

rob fragilenine from moo 309 on 2001-06-23 14:21 [#00010767]

How do I go about performing a live webstream of a gig, etc?
(using realplayer or something)


wizards teeth on 2001-06-23 14:30 [#00010768]

Good Idea.

We could all perform live sets and listen to them here at
the aphex twin community.

Alternatively we could record one hour sets and play them on
our computer

Is it not possible to create a yahoo chatroom that will
allow us to play a set to all listeners using the voice chat

We could even have jamming sessions.

We could stipulate a BPM and each of us could play a certain
part of a set, combined it may sound good.


wizards teeth on 2001-06-23 14:32 [#00010769]

An even more sophisticated idea.

We could all play live in our seperate countries, but all be
playing infront of an audience


rob fragilenine from moo 309 on 2001-06-23 14:35 [#00010770]

Very good idea Mr. Teeth. Do you have ICQ? My number is


wizards teeth on 2001-06-23 14:37 [#00010771]

I have heard of ICQ numbers but I know not what they are.

I have a Yahoo account, does that mean I will have an ICQ

If so I will check it out and let you know.

What does an ICQ number allow one to do?


rob fragilenine from moo 309 on 2001-06-23 14:42 [#00010772]

Its a program that you use to chat with... It has nothing to
do with Yahoo. Go to if you want to download it.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-23 15:49 [#00010782]

yes get icq its a good personal chat program! and if you
wanted to broadcast live you would need a few things first.
Youd need a driver for that kind of thing on your page.. I
don't know how much that is in money terms. And you would
need bandwidth up the ass cause youd have lots of people,
from all over listening.


rob fragilenine from moo 309 on 2001-06-23 15:58 [#00010783]

Reflex: So i guess my 56k modem wouldn't go very fast

I have an idea: Why don't we all do a mass collaboration on
a song, ie. we each do approx. 30 seconds each, all in the
same BPM and key, then put it all together in sequence,
"Cob Machine": part A created by fragilenine
part B created by wizards teeth
part C created by ...
and so on



Tinnie from greenville on 2001-06-24 00:52 [#00010822]

I think It's a pretty good idea. I'd love to release
something cause I haven't for a few years now. I haven't
collaborated either. I can't wait.


wizards teeth from inside a monkeys pancreas on 2001-06-24 09:49 [#00010842]


i think that is a good idea.

how will we share samples

one person could prepare a web page to give us a focal point
to share samples / our 30 second sections

the person in control of the site can receive copies of the
songs to upload to the site

any volunteers?


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