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the man bogdan

rubbish john on 2001-06-23 14:07 [#00010764]

i've recently been introduced to some of the works of bogdan
raczynski and i am impressed.
i may take some time to purchase some of his stuff, however,
i know there are a few albums, and i was wondering if any of
the lovely people communicating on this site could share
thier opinions on raczynski's work and recommend some of his
finest listening.


bri from cornwall on 2001-06-23 15:39 [#00010777]

BMW = hectic
SMB = produced
TOY = cutting edge
I.A.4 = mixed bag

all 100% essential, as is new single muzyka (just found a
copy wrapped up as a present on the bar of my local pub!)


rubbish john on 2001-06-23 15:48 [#00010781]

cheers bri.
if i had to buy one first, what should it be?


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-06-23 18:48 [#00010795]

SAMURAI MATH BEATS! Kinda shows all his sides if you ax me.
got some of the most classic tracks 2. "Kimi"


bri from cornwall on 2001-06-23 19:09 [#00010796]

cheers bri.
if i had to buy one first, what should it be?

in my opinion you should own all the squarepusher and aphex
you should also own all the bogdan raczynski records
luke vibert is also very solid - and ovuca is hugely
not many people are of such high calibre as these
you can't buy better contemporary electronic music
don't buy another new record till you own all the above!


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-06-23 19:26 [#00010797]

Bogdan is most definitely interesting. All i have of his now
though is Samurai Math Beats. :)

All of his previous albums he did using his computer, but
his new stuff like "Musika dla Imigrantov" (is that right)
is performed live. And it's quite an interesting change.

I definitely think he's great.

Also, i do like Luke Vibert, Squarepusher, U-Ziq and of
course, Aphex! I've been meaning to get some Ovuca lately
but it always slips my mind! :)


rubbish john from i dunno where on 2001-06-24 18:05 [#00010863]

thanx again bri.

i'm well into squarepusher and await the new album which
should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow, and i have an
extensive collection of vibert's stuff too.
i will make sure my next purchases will include some bogdan
i 'aint heard anything by ovuca - but maybe i soon will....


rob fragilenine from (3x + 8t * 3/5 - 67.7 / [-a]) on 2001-06-25 01:24 [#00010885]

yeah, i'm looking for some of his stuff too, i like that
tracker music on his site... can anyone recommend something?


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