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Wagon Christ - Musipal

Rough Spittle from a scrag heap on 2001-06-23 13:12 [#00010758]

Wagon Christ - Musipal
This new Wagon Christ album is excellent.

I thouroughly reccommend it. It's funky and original.
Something you don't often see. And it's on the motherfucking
Ninja Tune, an excellent label if ever there was one.


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-06-23 13:34 [#00010759]

Ill agree with that, its a damn cool album, I think it might
be a bit hard to swallow for some aphex fans though


rubbish john on 2001-06-23 13:51 [#00010761]

i love this album. i've listened to nothing else but musipal
for ages now.
favourite tracks include 'bend over' and 'perkission'.


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-06-23 15:01 [#00010773]

Do you guys have Luke Viberts "Big Soup" I got it just a
while ago, I really love the track "Music Called Jazz" its
great, best song of Lukes Ive heard so far


rubbish john on 2001-06-23 15:08 [#00010775]

yeah mate! big soup kicks arse!
'the music called jazz' is very good, but my favourite
tracks have to be '2001 beats', 'no turn unstoned' and
'fused into music' - oooooh! what a fuckin' beat!!!


rubbish john on 2001-06-23 15:13 [#00010776]

the best tune luke has ever done(according to me) has got to
be 'get yer head down'.
dunno if or how it was originally released, but i got it on
a ninja tune compilation.
fantastic live drums and a bass line that will make your
pants all creamy.
"hip-hop will rock and shock the nation"


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-23 15:46 [#00010780]

Yeah I have almost all of his stuff, which is A LOT. But I
like it quite a bit, its some pretty weirdo stuff at some
times. Funky too, its nice to listen to. Hes got some killer
singles out there.


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-23 16:11 [#00010786]

From fav. track would have to be "tomorrow
acid" simply cause the song rules


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-06-23 19:36 [#00010800]

i just bought Musipal 2 days ago!!

Its great. Any other Luke Vibert stuff anyone recommends?


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-23 21:41 [#00010808]

Drum 'n Bass For Papa....
smoke a joint, smoke a joint, smoke a joint, some a joint,
smoke a joint, smoke a joint. lol track 2 disc 1 i believe!


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