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Drum machine or what?

luke from bedford on 2001-06-23 03:44 [#00010743]

What does rdj use a, drum machine? Or is it on his pc cause
all his drum rhythms change just about every second and this
would seem very time consuming to create just on drum


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-23 07:58 [#00010745]

It is possible to make complicated mixed up percussion
patterns using the copy and paste features in a "tracker"
software program. Examples are modplug tracker (what I use),
impulse tracker, fast tracker, etc. For an example of what
can be done to this effect, listen to my song "Roger the
platypus gets funky now" at


rubbish john on 2001-06-23 14:13 [#00010766]

luke - rdj don't use a pc.
he uses a mac.
an informed decision, i think.


sednalom on 2001-06-23 15:04 [#00010774]

on his older stuff he used 808 and 909 and probably most of
the XOX stuff. you can hear them the most in SAW1. in
classics, most likely used samplers. i dont think he has
used drum machines for a while.


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-23 16:08 [#00010784]

I would think that it would be bad ass if he goes back to
the "old school" shit that he's got like on Classics and
SAWI...anyone agree w/me?¿ Just a thought


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-23 16:09 [#00010785]

bad ass = fucking cool


dirty little bitch on 2001-06-23 16:16 [#00010787]

i may be wrong - but i think the music rjd makes is more
about breaking new ground than anything else - making a
fresh sound, and if so, what you have suggested just 'aint
gonna happen.
but, yeah, i really dig some of the old skool shit.


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