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SAWII vs. Quake soundtrack

rob fragilenine from you tell me on 2001-06-22 18:05 [#00010699]

Which do you guys think is better? I personally like the
Quake soundtrack better, because it's so disturbing, and
it's also a little less repetitive than SAWII. But SAWII has
it's moments (stone in focus, cliffs, rhubarb).


nekta killa from in a bin on 2001-06-22 19:46 [#00010709]

shut up you fuck SAW II is an absolute classic (if not the
best album ever) and quake soundtrack was just a pile of
spunk that he decided to throw in his bucket, just cos it
had a game to play with it you get more fear cos of the
interaction, if SAW II was in a game then you would feel
about it in the same way.
do you understand foo daddyo?
probably not, you will just insult me and i really don't
care so thats that mr trumpton


ohin on 2001-06-22 20:36 [#00010716]

Insult you? you should turn the mirror on yourself. How come
arguments around here usually begin and end with insults


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-22 20:45 [#00010719]

I like both for different reasons. The Quake3 soundtrack is
pretty sweet. But SAW2 obviously has a different appeal to
its sound. I like both, but would rather listen To SAWII
because I play quake3 often anyway. heh.


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-23 08:06 [#00010747]

I personally have heard neither.


poe from the uk on 2001-06-27 21:10 [#00011099]

rob, it may have escaped your notice that there are 3 quakes
and loads of mods, please refer to which one, not just

SAW2, although I havent heard it I would assume is far
superior to the atmosperic music of quake 3 or the crap rock
of quake 2...I havent played quake 1....


rF : rob fragilenine from outside a chicken hut that sells donkey biscuits on 2001-06-28 03:36 [#00011157]

poe: Im talking about the Quake I soundtrack...

are you the real poe or just an imposhter?

I personally think the Quake II soundtrack is tops, but I
like guitar music, because I actually play guitar...


rF : rob fragilenine from outside a chicken hut that sells donkey biscuits on 2001-06-28 03:41 [#00011158]

nekta killa:

The question was: What do you prefer, Quake I soundtrack or

not: Tell me that you think SAWII is better than everything
and include your favourite insult, and don't forget to put
me down too.

I personally have my own beliefs, but if SAWII had more
'nice' tracks (eg. cliffs, rhubarb, lichen, mold, weathered
stone, stone in focus etc.), I would definitely prefer it to
the Quake soundtrack. But it doesn't, so don't criticize me,


hAnkyPhexTwin from Tucson, AZ on 2001-06-28 08:16 [#00011174]

I like both soundtracks equally. I can fall asleep, relax,
get hyped when playing shoot 'em up games...etc, with both.

The only thing that it comes down to is that SAWII beats
Quake soundtrack for the number of tracks available. Thats
the only thing I can see as SAWII greater.


poe from the uk on 2001-06-28 13:25 [#00011198]

yeah, it is me, i dropped the {}.

quake 1 soundtrack cant be better, can you in future
(everyone) please refer to which quake, thank you


al >< from dublin on 2001-06-28 17:38 [#00011264]

load "harcore obelisk" from the "my red hot car" single from
Squarepusher onto a nice dark map and yer laughing....
"distoria" from mouse-on-mars is great too......


poe from the uk on 2001-06-28 17:39 [#00011265]

hmm, i read in the times that mouse on mars were going to be
hailed as a new wrong they were, imo they
are over hyped


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