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RDJ - Witness Protection?

rob fragilenine from you tell me on 2001-06-22 17:24 [#00010695]

I think Mr. James has gone under witness protection or
something, because I see him (or at least someone who looks
exactly like him) every day at tafe (or college whatever you
want to call it). He plays pool a lot, I shall challenge him
to a game. I will carry out experiments to see if he is the
real RDJ (ie. yelling out 'Richard!', seeing if he responds
etc.). This is so strange, he looks so much like RDJ it's
not funny (actually i laughed for several minutes). He even
has an identical grin to AFX's!

I swear this is true. If you guys saw him you would go on
about it like this too.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-22 20:56 [#00010724]

I think you should conduct many experiments, such as tell
him that you think that you heard this new cd your friend
got, it was called "oh... braindancing something or other"
and it was crappy as hell.. hehe.. I dunno something.
Whatever that wouldn't work too well.. try something.


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