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How to write music programs.

£ûk㚊 from Detroit Michigan USA on 2001-06-22 05:07 [#00010665]

Is there a separate program that you can use to write music
software? Or can someone tell me what you can use to write
any type of program? A website URL would work too.


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-06-22 08:13 [#00010672]

learn "C" programming language,.. It's the only way


-=[MC PhuQheAd]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-06-22 08:56 [#00010677]

Hell no, don't learn C!!

I am sitting in some kind of seminar right now and I am
learning C!!
This is the most boring junk I ever had to learn. This is
such a big pain in the ass.

Even if you are a programmer, rely on other music progs


MeatBeater on 2001-06-22 15:58 [#00010690]

Err - learn C!!!! Granted it's hard and boring but you can
write what the hell you want in it!


£ûk㚊 from Detroit Michigan USA on 2001-06-22 17:03 [#00010692]

Does any of you know a good webpage that can get me started
on the basics of learning C programming?


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-06-22 19:53 [#00010711]

I think the troulbe you´d go through, for learning C is not
worth the things youll get out of it.

i find you can do ANYTHING with a combination of Cooledit
and Fruityloops basicly its not worth it!


ohin on 2001-06-22 20:34 [#00010715]

You'll need a reference book if you want to get serious
programming any language, they're usually not that expansive
(20-50$) and will definitely help you learn the language.
I'd look into C++ if I was you, but granted C can do the job
just as good.


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-22 20:51 [#00010722]

screw music programs... go with analog...but then again
someone had to program those as well. basically find and
read all that you can on how to write music
programs...reason being is b/c I'm way to stupid to try and
test my brain by creating a music program.


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-06-25 01:24 [#00010886]

visual basic has some sound functions,.. maybe with enough
screwing around you could make a program with it,..


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