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Bjork and IDM

Leo DeBoe from USA on 2001-06-21 10:28 [#00010580]

Would you guys classify Bjork as IDM. I like AFX, and I like
Bjork. Sometimes she is almost IDM with vocals. I don't
know. I should sleep...


João Evangelista from Portugal on 2001-06-21 10:34 [#00010581]

Could be, although Björk is too eclectic for her music to
be considered IDM or else.


rubbish john on 2001-06-21 11:14 [#00010589]

all these abreviations are doin' my head in.
if you aint got time to write out the full word - then don't
i like bjork and i like afx and i don't care what they are
labelled as.


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-06-21 11:18 [#00010591]

Intelligent Dance Music

i dont like the word really. What makes it intelligent? that
it has no beat structure?
that the person who listens to it has a goatee instead of
white coulered hair?
i dont get it...explain it to me


rubbish john on 2001-06-21 11:59 [#00010593]

thank you SWAI.
intelligent dance music indeed.
does this mean that any dance music that doesn't come under
this name is stupid???


Richard from MIR-spacestation on 2001-06-21 12:32 [#00010598]

it sure does


rubbish john on 2001-06-21 14:15 [#00010606]

so richard - (i'd like to make it clear that my previous
statement was one of sarcasm and that i disagree with you)
if "it sure does", does this mean that (going back to the
original question) bjork is questionably/arguably stupid?


susisu on 2001-06-21 17:29 [#00010621]

idm probably has something to with the fact that it is not
easy accesible and so demands a broader sense of music
interest then the average boom-boom everybody can
understand. Maybe?


Leo DeBoe from USA on 2001-06-21 17:38 [#00010622]

Rephlex's style of music is IDM or Braindance. It is just
the genre tag. I hate to call Radiohead rock or progressive
rock or whatever. It is just how it is cataloged. I think
you are right, and that the term came from having a broader
interest in ecclectic music.

But anyway, has anyone heard µ-Ziq's remix of Bjork's
'hunter'? It is really quite amazing. . .

Oh, just one more note. The lack of beat structure isn't
really a lack. Synchopation is a very important thing in
most rythm based music. It is almost like having a timing
within the timing. Like having a 5/8 time inside a bar of a
4/4 time.

Well, I have to be off. I've got to pick up my drum machine
from the local shop.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-21 17:42 [#00010624]

I have a goatee.... I dont like the tag IDM very much at
all, ive never ever been one to put tags on music, although
it very well may be comsidered IDM by many, not by me. Its
just.. music, AFX.. or whatever else Im listening to.

And to stay on topic, Bjork is not "IDM" in my opinion, ive
never really liked her stuff, but its ok to listen to I


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